Woman Saw Her Dog Drag It’s Blanket Outside the house, But Then She Sees This

The internet is filled with adorable and funny pets, but we all know dogs are the best! If there was any need to persuade you, then you haven’t met a pup like this young rescue. Meet Lana! Lana is only four months old, but for a young rescue pup she’s got the biggest heart of gold you’ve ever seen. 

If you didn’t know that dogs are compassionate creatures, then you’re in for a real treat when you learn just what she’s been up to.

Her owner had no idea how compassionate her pup was until she found out what she was doing while nobody was watching her! This is the amazing story of Lana – wait until you see her in action at #8!

23. Street Life

Lana spent her first four months of life growing up on the streets of Brazil with her siblings. At a very young age she learned about how rough it could be trying to find her next meal and trying to stay warm on frigidly cold nights.


22. Rescued Pups

Lana was picked up by a rescue group along with her siblings in late 2017. It was cold on the streets and no place for puppies to be fending for themselves.


21. A Family

Although she had a rough start, Lana got lucky thanks to her rescuers. However, nobody expected to see her behave like this after she got adopted. And it took her new family by surprise! Here is how it began…


20. Lana’s Adoption

It wasn’t long before Lana was adopted by a lovely woman named Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiance. This was a new beginning for this lovely pooch, and she looked very happy with her human parents.


19. She Never Forgot

Lana was given so much love and affection by her new parents. She truly had a good and comfortable life in her new home. But even though she was still young and the world was still a strange place, she never forgot one thing…


18. Life as a Stray

Somehow, Lana would never forget what life was like on the streets. Believe it or not, this pooch did a very weird thing that nobody ever taught her. Her owners where shocked when they saw it and had to take photos to prove it!


17. Odd Behavior

It was at night when Suelen witnessed Lana beginning to act very strangely. She didn’t understand why her pup was behaving the way she was. Curious, Suelen watched Lana to see what the pooch was planning…


16. A New Blanket

Lana just received a new blanket that day, but something was off. She kept dragging it outside the house. Suelen was wondering what bothered Lana and just let her do her thing while following her to see what happened next.


15. What Was Lana Doing?

It was already dark outside and Suelen was watching Lana dragging her new blanket outside into the yard. She had no idea that her pup was actually doing a good deed, but once she noticed it, tears welled up in her eyes. Here’s why…


14. Helping a Friend

Suelen was amazed by the sight of Lana dragging her blanket over to the fence line of the property. Trying to see better, the woman realized that on the sidewalk on the other side of the fence, another dog was lying there!


13. Comforting A Fellow Stray

Suelen had bought the blanket for Lana since it had been unseasonably cold in the area lately. She figured it would keep Lana nice and cozy on those chilly nights. And it did! So much so, that Lana decided that she would share her comfort with a


12. Cozied Up Together

The stray dog had curled up close to the fence line and even pulled a corner of the blanket under the fence when Lana offered it to him. He curled into it and lay there alongside Lana who was on the other side of the fence.


11. Forgoing Her Own Comfort

Lana’s concern for her new friend meant forgoing her own comfort just to make sure that he stayed warm that evening. And she was more than happy to share with him. After all, she knew just as well what is was like to live on the streets. 


10. Cuddled Up All Night

The next morning when the Schaumloeffel’s headed off to work, they discovered Lana still outside lying across the fence from the stray pup. They had both cuddled into Lana’s blanket all night. Lana was such a cuddly and affectionate dog, so it was no real surprise to Suelen that she extended this kind gesture to one of her own.


9. A Very Valuable Lesson

The Schaumloeffel’s were reminded of something very valuable in witnessing this kind gesture and something that we humans tend to forget:


8. Generosity & Compassion

Generosity and compassion – we are capable of this and yet, we tend to forget to show people these things when we get so caught up in the rat race of life.

“My best four-legged friend reminded me of something so important: generosity!” Says Schaumloeffel.


7. Kind-Hearted Dog

It took the kind-hearted Lana to remind her parents that they too can help others in need. Although the stray on the other side of the fence was a bit timid and wouldn’t let the Schaumloeffel’s near him, they continued to leave food and water and of course a cozy blanket out for him each day.


6. The Nicest Dog Ever!

Lana’s life on the streets taught her how to take care of her own that’s for sure. It’s something that she apparently will never forget! “She is the nicest little dog I’ve ever met,” Schaumloeffel says. “We forget sometimes the difference we can make in someone’s life. She reminded me of this.”


5. Do Good Unto Others!

It doesn’t just take a warm-hearted dog to be compassionate and kind! It takes all kinds and we’re about to explore a few others who have extended a helping hand to someone in need.


4. Kitten Saves Trapped Puppy

When there’s a will, there’s a way! This little kitten wasn’t about to leave his buddy trapped in a hole. He took matters into his own hands and got right in there with him to help push him out. Way to go little buddy! Talk about an act of bravery!

Speaking of acts of bravery, this next hero looks to be a real-life Robin Hood in disguise:


3. Cat Burglar or a Regular Robin Hood?

Ok, so is this the cat burglar staging a break-in with his posse or, is this cat just a regular old Robin Hood helping his friends in need?! Either way, everybody needs a buddy that looks after them like this!

This next critter could certainly use a little help from a friend too. Looks like he needs things turned around…


2. Turn Me Around!

This turtle is lucky to have a friend around who knows just what he needs. A little help goes a long way!

And of course, last but least, there’s always that one friend in crime we need by our side:


1. Getting Into Trouble

What kind of friend doesn’t get into trouble with you from time to time? Now this is when you know you have a true friend!


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