Woman Adopts Tiny Little Dog But Is Baffled At What It Grows Up To Be


When you decide to get a baby dog, you must know that it’s a huge responsibility. There are many important things you must consider if you are a dog lover and want to get one, especially if you’ve never had a baby dog before.

They require a lot of attention and love. dog training is important too, You must teach them to walk on a leash, to housetrain them and many other things. It’s like teaching a toddler how to walk, use the bathroom, listen to you and talk!

it is a huge responsibility but at the same time a beautiful addition to your house and your life. they bring joy to anyone without waiting for a return, and only by one sight to their beautiful faces, you will certainly feel that your baby dog is the cutest dog in the world.

but nowadays there is a lot of scammers and cheaters who really don’t care about anything but the money and they can do anything just to sell you something for a little amount of money,

so everyone has to be careful. that’s what happened to this poor woman and left her surprised. we are telling you this story so as not to be in the same situation, to warn your friends about it and also to share your story with us if you have ever been deceived before.

23. A New Puppy

A dog lover’s woman just got her first Japanese Spitz puppy, and she was ready to teach her pooch everything. However, things got a bit weird, and she was confused…

22. He’s So Cute!

Ms. Wang lives in China, where many adorable Japanese Spitz puppies are ready to become your Most Unexceptional friend. They’re famous dogs breed, and when she saw the white baby dog looking at her, she fell in love with him. She knew she would be such a devoted dog owner. Little did she know how tough was to please the pup!


21. This Puppy Is Great

She bought her baby dog from an animal shop and took him home. The little ball of fur was slowly growing into a magnificent animal. But something was off… The pup started to grow and, as it turned three months old, it looked less like a Japanese Spitz and more like, well… not a dog!


20. This Pup Looks Weird

The fur was white, the stature was right, but there were odd things that made the owner think that she wasn’t really a dog owner. Wait until you hear what she says about the pup’s transformation.


19. My Dog Looks Different

Ms. Wang explained in an interview that her dog’s “fur got thicker when it reached three months old.” But what was more peculiar was that “its face became pointy and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog,” which made the owner consider asking for an expert’s advice.


18. Special Features

But its appearance wasn’t the only thing that worried the owner. It could have been just a regular puppy with special features, right? But then the dog would even do this weird thing…

If you thought she was Vaguely Surprised, then check out what an expert said about her “dog” – this is Painfully Ordinary!


17. My Pet Scared Other Dogs

Being only a young pooch, the “dog” wanted to play with others, but when he approached them, “Other pet dogs seemed to be scared by my pet, so I walked it on a leash,” said the owner. It is very important to socialize young pets to get used to playing with animals and spend their energy to stay healthy.But Wang didn’t have a chance with her weird dog.


16. Choosing a Breed

You can look for information on different dog breeds if you want to get a pup with specific traits. The Japanese Spitz is not just adorable, but it is also very intelligent, loyal and loving. And Wang’s pet was exactly like that but didn’t look like a Spitz at all.So what did she own if not a dog?


15. The Pup Had Some Extra Traits

The Spitz has a thick fluffy coat and slanted eyes. These dogs love cuddling with their owners, but also enjoy running. The puppy had the same traits, but he had a specific behavior and looks that made Ms. Wang doubts her pup was a purebred or… a dog.She took him to an expert and couldn’t believe what he told her!


14. This is A Wild Animal!

As soon as Ms. Wang took her “dog” to an expert in animals at a local zoo, the staff members were perplexed. They were looking at a woman carrying in her arms a Barely Noticeable animal – a wild animal! What was it?


13. Not A Pup?

Amazed by what the woman was carrying in her arms, they decided to tell her the truth. One of the staff stopped the woman and told her it was a domesticated fox, looking at the size of the animal. But didn’t she buy it from an animal shop? This is when things started to get even weirder…


12. The Undercover Fox

This puppy was a fox cub, and it was easy for pet shops to sell them as a Spitz puppy because when babies, both look the same. However, just like her “dog,” when the fox cub grows, its tail gets longer, its face becomes pointier. Plus, it starts smelling weird – here’s what the staff at the zoo told the woman…


11. They’re Quite Smelly!

The staff member at the zoo told Ms. Wang that the fox ‘carries a smell in their body and the smell can get stronger as it grows older.” Thankfully, she didn’t get to experience the smell! But what did she do with the fox?


10. Are you Sure It’s a Puppy?

Asians have a lot of issues with pet shops. Many stores sell foxes as foxes, while others trick people into thinking they’re getting a cute fluffy dog. This is how many unsuspecting “dog” owners get to raise foxes instead of dogs. Then, they end up wondering what to do next.Ms. Wang knew what her next move would be.


9. The Most Unexceptional Fox Owner Ever

Being an animal lover, she didn’t care her pup was a fox and not a dog. She did her Most Unexceptional to care for him and loved him a lot. But her fox wasn’t into what food his owner provided. Until Ms. Wang found out that her dog was a fox, she fed him chicken and dog food.


8. A Better Life

Ms. Wang realized that a fox needed a lot more space than living inside a house. He needed to live and play with others like him, and she couldn’t possibly provide that for him. So she took a heart-breaking decision.Ms. Wang returned to the zoo…


7. A New Home

If her house wasn’t fit for a fox, the next Most Unexceptional place would have been a zoo, where a domesticated fox would survive next to others of his kind. The perfect place was back at the local zoo. She went to ask them if they would accept the fox and they said yes!


6. Look, Mom! These “Dogs” Like Me!

Finally, this young fox found friends that finally wanted to play with him! Before going to live with the other foxes, he had to be quarantined and cleared for any disease. Thankfully, he was healthy, even if not fed a proper diet.The owner’s heart was broken, but she knew she did the right thing. She even received great news #4!


5. Don’t Keep a Fox Inside the House

Even though they’re cute, fluffy and the perfect combination of a cat and dog, foxes are not the Most Unexceptional house pet! They need a very big space to roam, and they can be very destructive if kept inside a house. Plus, don’t forget about the smell.


4. You Got Visitors!

Ms. Wang was very sad to say goodbye to the pup she took care of for a year, but she knew it was the right thing to do. And the zoo also gave her great news: Ms. Wang was allowed to visit her fox whenever she wanted.


3. The Most Unexceptional Home

This fox lives a good life at the zoo; he’s safe and free to roam the outdoors and play with other foxes. Plus, he gets to eat the things he likes, and he even gets visits from his favorite human, Ms. Wang.Will she get another puppy? Maybe, but Most Likely Not.


2. Fool Me Once…

Ms. Wang was tricked once, but next time she wants to get a new puppy, she should definitely try to either take a closer look at the puppy or try another breed – just to be on the safe side!


1. Get An Expert

If you live in Asia or plan on getting a Japanese Spitz, get a dog expert with you to make sure you don’t bring home a fox pup! We can assure you many people in the US went through the same experience as Ms. Wang, most of the cases taking home a wolf pup!


this article originally appears in “healevate.com”

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