Vet Sees Dog’s Ultrasound and Call the Cops

To say that the vet was surprised when she saw the ultrasound result was an understatement. In complete disbelief, she double-checked if she counted it right the first time. When she finished counting again, she realized that the number was indeed right.

She was still in shock as this was something that was not commonly seen in real life. Despite the surprise that she felt, there was not much time to act for the sake of the dog and her unborn puppies, she needed to talk to the dog’s owners and make some immediate decisions. It was a matter of life or death. as the owners would need to decide fast to save their dog’s life.

29. Pitbull Dog Fans

As avid fans of Pitbull dogs, Mariesa and Chris had rescued a number of the pitbull dog breed already. In fact, they already had 10 bouncy dogs in their lives to keep things interesting.

When they thought about it, though, it seemed like they needed to do more for the pitbull dog breed that was so misunderstood.

Even though they had a lot of experience with the dogs, the couple had never seen anything like they saw when they visited the animal shelter that fateful day.


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