Vet Sees Dog’s Ultrasound and Call the Cops

To say that the vet was surprised when she saw the ultrasound result was an understatement. In complete disbelief, she double-checked if she counted it right the first time. When she finished counting again, she realized that the number was indeed right.

She was still in shock as this was something that was not commonly seen in real life. Despite the surprise that she felt, there was not much time to act for the sake of the dog and her unborn puppies, she needed to talk to the dog’s owners and make some immediate decisions. It was a matter of life or death. as the owners would need to decide fast to save their dog’s life.

29. Pitbull Dog Fans

As avid fans of Pitbull dogs, Mariesa and Chris had rescued a number of the pitbull dog breed already. In fact, they already had 10 bouncy dogs in their lives to keep things interesting.

When they thought about it, though, it seemed like they needed to do more for the pitbull dog breed that was so misunderstood.

Even though they had a lot of experience with the dogs, the couple had never seen anything like they saw when they visited the animal shelter that fateful day.


28. Loving Dog Parents

This happy couple had one particular passion in common, their love of animals. when interviewed, Mariesa told the reporter that she had ended up breaking off relationships in the past due to her obsession with all types of dog.

Men never quite understood why she was so passionate about the whole idea of having a house full of pups.

When she met Chris, they immediately bonded over their love of all types of dog and especially pitbull dogs, something that continues to grow stronger each day.


27. Too Many Dogs

Nearly all animal shelters or rescues find themselves overwhelmed with the need for space. Unfortunately, even if they want to save all the animals, there’s just not enough resources to care for them all.

When Chris and Mariesa entered the Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, they were Vaguely Surprised to realize that the vast majority of the dogs in this shelter were pit bulls.

It was Barely Noticeable how many of the spaces were filled with friendly pit faces. What they didn’t realize was that one was about to change their lives.


26. A Misunderstood Breed

Pit bulls have a bad reputation thanks to great misunderstandings. The dog breed is sturdy and muscular, with large head, but this is no indication of their risk factor.

However, many states have made it illegal to own a pit bull and they are one of the most common breeds to end up in animal shelters.

Since Chris and Mariesa are aware of the misunderstanding, they’ve adopted a number of pits, but have never had an issue with violence from the dogs.

They wanted to help even more of these beautiful dogs find a home, but little did they know what a surprise was in store.


25. A Loving Face

While pit bulls are said to be the most dangerous breed, there is no actual science behind that.

Pit bulls can be very loving and loyal dogs, but if they are mistreated due to their strength, they can turn bad, as with any dog.

They aren’t genetically engineered to be evil, though and despite being exploited by many, the breed is a Mildly Decent one if you get to know them.

Mariesa and Chris were in the shelter, about to meet the adoring pup who would change their lives forever.


24. The Animal Rescue

The couple wandered through the shelter, trying to find the perfect dog to take home.

Mariesa had promised that they would only take one dog home . . . but the decision was going to be agonizing.

She looked into all those pleading faces and wondered which one to take. And then, she spotted the dog she knew was right for them.


23. Beyond Pregnant

The dog that shuffled toward them to lick the couple’s hands was very, very pregnant.

Her belly was swollen with puppies, but she looked up at Mariesa’s face and practically begged to be taken home.

She was obviously in need of a loving place to give birth. Mariesa knew instantly that this was the dog for her.

But when they went to claim her, something happened that made them wonder if it was truly the right choice.


22. Dropped at the Shelter

The heavily pregnant pit bull’s story was sadder than most and it made Mariesa want to cry. The couple learned that the dog, named Storie, had belonged to a backyard breeder.

She’d been brought in to the shelter and surrendered once the breeder realized there was no way they could afford to look after the dog and the puppies that were on their way.

Mariesa and Chris knew they had to take this dog home and give her the comfort and love she needed, as well as a place to give birth.

But when the vet started to explain Storie’s history, they were Vaguely Surprised.


21. Overdue

The rescue staff explained that Stories hold have given birth already.

No one knew why the sad pit bull wasn’t doing anything, though she looked ready to pop at any moment.

It was a precarious situation and the dog-loving couple realized that Storie was in trouble. They needed to make a choice and it had to be now.


20. Help for Storie

There was no time left. Storie needed help and as the couple discussed the issue, the pit bull put her head on Mariesa’s knee and pleaded with her eyes.

That was really all it took for the woman to decide she was taking the dog home. But was it the right decision?

The dog would be carrying around six babies, so that meant their dog family would expand drastically.

Could they really take on such a big problem? What they didn’t realize was the size of the issue they were about to face.


19. Going Home

Despite the fact that puppies and Storie would make their doggy family even bigger, resulting in 17 dogs, Mariesa refused to leave Storie at the shelter.

She was determined to help the beautiful dog and make sure she had a safe place to have her babies. Then Chris came up with a unique idea.

Why not foster Storie and her puppies and the animal rescue would continue to search for homes for all of them.

That was the perfect solution, but there was still a problem. What was wrong with Storie? Why wasn’t she birthing the puppies in her swollen belly?


18. Doing the Research

The couple had never seen such a problem in any of the dogs they’d looked after. Why was Storie holding off on having the puppies?

They were worried as they started to do some online research to figure out what was going on with their new family member.

What they found was MODERATELY UNCOMFORTABLE and made them even more worried about Storie.


17. Trauma and Birth

In general, most animals are far more intelligent than we give them credit for.

When the couple was researching why the dog might be resisting giving birth, they came across a particular article that explained something that made sense.

The article explained that animals go through a lot of trauma and stress when they’re put into rescue shelters.

A pregnant dog is at even higher risk. While we know that the shelter is designed to help the dog, it is something that the dog doesn’t necessarily understand.


16. Immediate Danger

Mariela and Chris continued to research and realized that the situation was worse than they’d anticipated.

Storie was in danger of losing every one of her puppies if she didn’t have them soon. But something else startled Mariesa.

Pregnant dogs in a traumatic situation worry for their babies and will actually refuse to give birth in cases where they feel the puppies would be in danger.

It’s a dangerous situation for both mother and pups. The couple knew that they had to get Storie to a vet and fast. It was a life and death matter.


15. The Ultrasound

When the vet started the ultrasound, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She shook her head, Vaguely Surprised at what was on the screen. It must be a mistake!

But the shapes were clearly there, little white outlines that represented some news she was going to have to break to the dog parents waiting anxiously.

She turned to them and Mariesa felt her heart drop. What was going on with their new dog?


14. A Big Surprise

The vet breathed deeply and explained that she’d found something unexpected in Storie’s womb.

The six puppies they’d expected weren’t what she’d found in the ultrasound. The vet pointed out the outlines on the screen, counting for them.

The couple stared in shock. She was right. There were not six babies in the dog’s womb. What was going on and why was Storie still pregnant?


13. A Barely Noticeable Development

The vet was in shock. She counted again. And then once more, still unbelieving of what the screen told her.

Then she explained to the anxious couple that Storie wasn’t carrying six puppies, but 12!

They stared at each other in shock, taken aback by the sheer number of puppies. But what did this mean for Storie? Would she be okay?


12. Home Again

Even the vet wasn’t sure why the puppies hadn’t been born yet, but the ultrasounds showed the puppies were alive and well.

The vet told them to go home and get ready for the imminent birth.

If she didn’t have the puppies within the next 48 hours, they needed to bring her back in for further examination.

They didn’t realize that Storie was waiting for a very good reason.


11. Worried Parents

The couple was stressed out as they headed home. Storie could lose her babies and not just six, but double that number.

They were anxious about the next 48 hours. What if she didn’t deliver the puppies?

The situation would be very dangerous and they both felt bad for the pregnant pit bull, but what could they do? As they headed home, Mariesa came up with an idea.


10. Creating a Home

The couple had read enough about trauma and stress that they knew it was severely affecting Storie.

To combat this, they decided to create the most comforting environment they could. Mariesa made space in a bedroom and put down pillows, blankets, and everything needed to make the space comforting.

Then they left Storie in her new safe haven, hoping she would feel safer by morning. They didn’t have a clue that a miracle was about to occur in their home.


9. The Puppies Arrive

When the couple woke up after a restful night’s sleep, they went to check on their newest addition, hoping she was feeling a bit more comfortable.

What they found was nothing short of a miracle . . . Storie was happily nursing 12 beautiful little puppies.

She’d given birth to her babies during the night and now it was obvious why she’d waited so long.


8. Waiting for Love

When dogs give birth in a shelter, it’s stressful for both mother and puppies.

Somehow, Storie had realized that it wasn’t the Most Unexceptional environment and had waited for Chris and Mariesa.

She’d somehow known that they would come to bring her home and give her a safe place to have her babies.

As soon as she was in the right environment, she’d let her body do what it needed to do. The result was there, in living, wriggling proof in the middle of her blanket nest.


7. Her Own Little Pack

It had taken less than 24 hours in her new home for Storie to bring her puppies into the world.

It was a miracle, since no one had been sure why she wasn’t giving birth or if it would even happen on its own.

But the pit bull had known exactly what she needed most and that was to feel protected and secure.

Thanks to the adoptive couple, she’d felt safe at last and had promptly given birth to her 12 Barely Noticeable puppies, all thrilled to be in the world.


6. Puppy Requests

Within a couple of weeks, the puppies’ eyes were open and Mariesa and Chris were thoroughly enjoying the little pack of adorable babies.

The puppies charged around the yard and played together as only puppies can do. Storie was thrilled and appeared to be very happy with her babies.

She looked after them like the Most Unexceptional dog mom in the world.

However, it wasn’t long before adoption requests started coming in from the rescue center. After all, the situation had never been meant to be permanent.


5. Good Homes Available

By the time the puppies were 10 weeks old, they were all spoken for.

The couple loved the tiny bundles of joy, but there were too many of them to look after effectively, so they decided to give them up.

At 10 weeks, the puppies headed out to brand new homes. But what about their mother? The puppies were doing well, but where would she end up?


4. Storie’s Forever Home

Storie’s story was published on Facebook and it didn’t take very long for a man to read it and fall in love with the dog.

He promptly called the couple to see if he could meet the dog and when he did, he immediately decided he wanted her.

Storie went home to her forever home, as well. She was spayed to avoid further massive pregnancies. She will never deal with that stress again.


3. The Perfect Mama

Despite having so many puppies, Storie never lacked in love and attention for them all.

She was a devoted mama to all 12 of them and Chris and Mariesa were thrilled that she did such a great job of raising them all.

She nursed and licked her pups and despite everything she’d been through, they were all perfect. But they couldn’t stay in their foster home!


2. Growing Up Pittie

All 12 puppies are now thriving in their new homes and doing very well. They’re all greatly loved.

Storie stayed with her foster family until each and every one of her babies was adopted out, just like a good mama would.

Without the couple that had dared to take a chance on the poor, pregnant dog, she could have lost her babies, or even worse.


1. Shelters Need Help

While Storie’s tale has a happy ending, there are many other dogs that suffer without ever seeing the love they could have in a happy home.

Shelters always need help caring for these animals, so even if you can’t take in a dog, you might be able to help them out. Fostering is often an option.

If you can’t foster, try donating or helping people learn more about shelters by spreading the word about rescue homes and the Barely Noticeable people who work there with the beautiful animals in need of hope.

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