This Simple Tip Could Save Your Dog From “Life-Threatening” Gum Diseases.

Our friend Kylie had a really bad experience with her dog’s Gum Problems, but she gets over it. and she wanted to share with us her story, so hope you like it.

Lacey recovering from the anesthetic after her first examination

This is the story of Lacey, my caring, 4-year-old lab I’ve had since a puppy, who developed a deadly, hidden disease that almost cost her her life.

Lacey is the life and soul of our house. My husband and 2 young kids love her, and she goes everywhere with us. However, a few weeks ago I started to notice something wasn’t quite right. Lacey’s appetite started to disappear (which for a labrador we all know means there is a real issue) and she was starting to act a little sluggish…

I gave it a couple of days to make sure it wasn’t just a 48-hour bug or something, but when she didn’t get her appetite back, and her breath started to smell really bad, I decided I needed to take her to the vet. And I’m so glad I did…

After a nervous wait in the reception, we had a very thorough examination, and the vet gave me the surprising verdict. Lacey had Periodontal Disease, AKA gum disease…

Lacey’s teeth and gums before she started using the Dental Formula daily.


I was shocked. I knew humans could get gum disease, but apparently it’s 5 TIMES more common in dogs.

It turns out Lacey’s Gum Disease was really bad. I felt terrible. How had I not noticed? The vet assured me millions of dogs have it, and their owners don’t even realize it because the symptoms are so subtle.

Luckily we got to it before it was too late. Lacey’s gums were inflamed, her teeth covered in tartar and plaque, and there were bacteria getting into her bloodstream, but it was fixable, just. Thank God.

According to the vet, a couple more months, and things could have been a lot worse. Lacey’s teeth would have started to rot, and become infected. Plus, bacteria could enter her bloodstream causing infections further afield in the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

In some extreme cases, it gets so so bad that the dog has to be euthanized.


The vet told me not to worry and disappeared for a minute. When he came back, he held a small bottle of liquid in his hand and said…

“Kylie, I want to try something before we go ahead with expensive, invasive treatment. I want you to give Lacey a teaspoon of this new “Dental Formula” every day with her water for 4 weeks and then come back and see me…”

Lacey’s drinking the Dental Formula solution in her water. She loved the taste!


I was dubious, but did as instructed by the Vet over the next few days and surprisingly started to see a change in Lacey on about day 3. Her appetite returned and she was less sluggish. It was remarkable to see such a change so quickly. Her breath even started to smell fresh as well.

I continued with the recommended dose for 4 weeks and by the end, I could visibly see her teeth and gums looked cleaner and healthier. I was so glad we didn’t have to do any aggressive treatments, the Dental Formula was so quick and easy to use, and it tasted great, she loved it!

Lacey’s teeth & gums after 4 weeks taking the Dental Formula. They look so good!


So, I know what you’re probably thinking. What on earth is in this Dental Formula?!

Well, the Dental Formula is made by a company called Petlab Co and contains some of the strongest anti-gum disease ingredients available today – my vet was one of the first to get his hands on it.

Behind the formulation are some of the world’s top vets and dog nutritionists. And interestingly, the Dental Formula is designed to be both corrective AND preventative meaning they are perfect for younger dogs too.

Thanks to a host of premium ingredients in the formula, the vet-approved Dental Formula also has these added benefits:

  • Destroys germs and bacteria that lead to bad breath.
  • Eliminates plaque and tartar, even in hard to reach places.
  • Freshens breath and whitens teeth over time by restoring enamel.
  • It protects and strengthens gums against gingivitis.
  • Supports the natural defense against bacteria.

They contain everything scientifically proven to help fix gum disease in dogs.

What’s more impressive than the formulation though are the THOUSANDS of incredible reviews on the mouthwash. Countless Americans have already posted online about how much the Dental Formula has changed their dogs’ lives.

Additionally, the company is so confident in their product, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on the Dental Formula. This makes it 100% risk-free to try the product. And if Gum Disease is as prevalent as my vet says, you want to get your dog taking this ASAP so they don’t end up like my Lacey.

There’s a link to the Dental Formula below if you would like to try it

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