The Easiest Way to Teach Your Dog Not to Jump on People

Being a dog owner is an amazing thing, a dog can literally change your life, and bring joy to your home. However, sometimes your dog can do unwanted behavior.

Jumping up on people is definitely one of the most unwanted behaviors, and probably teaching your dog to stop jumping on humans is the first thing you plan to do.

Maybe at first, you find this behavior kind of cute but, when it repeated overtimes, it starts to get really disturbing, embarrassing, and frustrating.

moreover, as long as your dog grows older as long he gets bigger. Just imagine a dog with 120 pounds jumping on your visitors, that’s would be so Tiring, and a little bit dangerous.

Unfortunately, many dog owners choose to take their dogs to shelters, because they simply cannot handle this annoying behavior, and didn’t know how to make their dogs stop acting like this.

Some owner tends to use crates to control their dogs, however, that seems quite cruel. When you plan to adopt a dog, you bring it as a part of the family, you bring it to live a comfortable life, somewhere he feels free in and not the opposite.

Luckily, we are going to show you how to deal with a jumper, and prevent any possible trouble or danger your dog can do.

1. Pick a New Behavior

*The first step in training your dog to stop jumping is really simple, you need just to think of another behavior that you want your pup to do instead of jumping.

For instance, when you come in the door after a long day at work and your baby dog rushed to hug you and jump high as possible as he can to reach your face. So, what you want him to do instead?

You can choose anything you want, like sitting, lying down, spinning in a circle, or give a paw… Let’s say you choose your dog to sit and stay instead.

In case if your dog neglecte all the effort you do in training, and he keeps jumping, then you have to be more solid and ignore him completely.

Trust me, when you start wandering in the house without giving any attention to your pup, that will be really a hard punishment for him.

So, as time passes, your dog will realize that you stop reacting on his jumps, as you don’t want it to do it, he will try to sit down, then, what you need is praising him by giving him a tasty treat.

Keep reapting this step as much as you can. So, whenever he starts jumping up, ask him to sit down then reward it with a treat.

2. Stop Rewarding the Bad Behavior

To stop your dog from jumping need everyone’s Cooperation, every member of the family has to be determined to make that happens.

For instance, if the dog begins to jump and someone knee him in the chest, yell, push him down, or let him kiss his face, then he just rewards this behavior.

So, once you keep rewarding him for this behavior, he will never go back. Keep in mind that jumping is an Innate action for dogs, so you need to take that into consideration.

You need to know that making him stop this behavior will take much time, commitment, and cooperation between all the members of the family.

3. Practice a No-Jump Exercise

You can start this training once you start working on no jumping in your house. Indeed, This specific training method lets you teach your dog how he has to act when people get close to him. You definitely want your dog to be quiet and sit whenever people get close to greet him.

So, try to repeat this exercise as much as you can, and try to get other people to be the one to approach your pup.

This method will let your pup to welcome people with a nice sit-saty.

4. Practice No Jumping at Front Door.

your dog should start working on no jumping up while people get close to him, and also not jumping in the house to greet the household members.

These steps will definitely help your pup to reinforce his behaviors, like when you organize a party, your dog will already know that he can’t jump up once the guests come in the door.

There’s another method that can really help your dog in obeying your command, simply you can train your dog to go to his crate once he hears the doorbell or going to his bed immediately.

So, in case if you choose to follow this method and train your dog to follow it as well, you will definitely host your guests in a calm environment your visitors will step into your house while your pup still sitting in his place.

This method will probably take much of time, and that depends on your dog and how he reacts when he hears the doorbell.

If he barks loudly and jumps across the door, then you will definitely need a long time to prevent this unwanted behavior.

So, what you need to do is to keep trying and training your dog until you achieve your goal, Just with, patience, Persistence and time you will do it.

As we mentioned before this will takes you much of time and some volunteers to help you in letting your pup be able to deal with the visitors or people generally in a proper way.

And never forget about praising and rewarding your dog whenever he follows your lead.