Scared Dog Is Lost In The Wild, 28 Days Later This Happens

around the world, many people work daily in overwrought jobs. one of these people is the man that we are going to tell you his story, who called, Julian Scott, he is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Julian works in Santa Clarita, California. this man is a great guy and an amazing person, according to his stressful job, the man realized that he is in need of emotional support.

well, that’s what leads his wife to get him a dog with a very unique task in hopes they will be best friends, and making a special bond.

Shelby Got Lost

Unfortunately, after Scott got his dog who named her Shelby, a sad event happened.

his dog was missing, he lost her in the forest, 28 days passed and no news about his beloved Shelby.

after some days searching for her, Scott was lucky to receive a call, it was happy news for him, somebody finally found his pooch.

you will never imagine the reaction of the missing dog, we are very sure that this story will touch your hearts. well, get ready to hear this Heart-affecting story.