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As much we love our pets, we want to give them the whole world, spoil them, and provide them with all our affection and love.

Every dog owner will love to make several things to memorialize his pet. Actually, there is a special way to make that happen.

Having a custom stuffed animal that is a detailed look-alike of your pet would be one of the cutest things ever.

In fact, Petsies uses photos of your Lovey pets make a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal that looked just like the replica of them.

To be honest, they are a little bit Costly, but for a lot of devoted pet owners, the price isn’t a matter as long as it means something worthy for them.

For me

For me, and as a devoted pet owner, I really love having personalized objects with my pup’s name or face on it. And several pet owners keep pictures of their pets around every corner on their houses, their cell phones and even in their workplaces to let the world know their best friends.

Just imagine how wonderful would it be to own a  stuffed animal that looks just like your lovely pet? Furthermore, Petsies can make stuffed animal replicas of all sizes, large or small pets. And all kinds of pets, rats, cats, or even horses!

Petsies Custom Stuffed Animals Review

You have to order a Petsies custom stuffed animal through the company’s website. When placing your order, you need to attach several pictures of your pet. So, they need pictures from the front, back and both sides in order to let them get every little detail of your pet correct.

You can also get email updates during the whole operation, in case if you are not satisfied with the product. The company will make changes to your stuffed animal. Furthermore, the company can back all of its Petsies with a 100% craftsman guarantee.

And Regarding The standard size is a 16″ tall stuffed animal. They have also a 10″ tall stuffed animals, it’s up to everyone’s desire, some people can ask for smaller. In fact, this company uses advanced airbrushing methods so as to make realistic looking and Exact details.

And the tow pictures of my Beagle’s fur color and the obvious white fur around my Labrador’s muzzle prove what I’m talking about. And how they are Precise in each detail.

Petsies use premium polyester Tools that seem just like actual fur, moreover, the company depends on hypoallergenic materials. And what makes these stuffed animals more special is that they are strong and durable to play with in case if you want to give it to your kid.

And what makes me pleasant is to know that Petsies custom stuffed animals are actually tested by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Which means they are an accredited independent testing lab. So, they are examined for Integrity and Security.

From my own experience with Petsies, I can say that I am so happy with the wonderful results. They did really a good job making all the details of my baby dogs. Every tail and ear is different from one to another. The workers really Specify every stuffed animal individually.

The expensive price of these amazing stuffed animals can be a reason for many dog owners for not being able to get one. The price can reach $249 for each stuffed animal. And honestly, this is quite expensive for a stuffed animal. Most people aren’t able to pay for this.

I actually have a good idea, I want to share it with you, I recommend signing up for the company’s newsletter just on their website, an easy step that wouldn’t take much of your time.

Indeed, the company will send coupon codes several times every year. So you could wait for a one to get an appropriate deal on the Petsie you want.

In case if you want to get one of these cute custom stuffed animals. You need just to sign up for the company’s 6-month interest-free financing option.

Maybe the stuffed animals that this company made are not affordable for many people. But it still makes a great job and a special Souvenir that would last forever. And a valuable thing that money isn’t compared by.

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