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Welcome to DogsDogy!

My Name is Med I love dogs and I just wanted to do more to help my local dog shelter than just donate food.

When I read that there is a big audience looking for dog food recipes, I decided to see if an E-Book containing recipes from the internet would also be popular. 

I posted the first edition of my ebook to start and let people know that 20% of the proceeds would go directly to support the "adopt Morrocan animals" Shelter. 

People really responded. Now, at the end of every month, I will put a tally on the website, showing how much money was donated, and I will include lots of pictures of the pet shelter on my social media.



DogsDogy was built to provide you with the best ebooks related to Dogs Homemade Recipes... which are a tool to help you feed your dog healthy homemade food and save stray dogs in Marrakech by providing food, medicine and shelter.

Our goal here at DogsDogy is to amaze our customers, create customers for life! Thank you and please feel free to reach out via email "hello@dogsdogy.com " or contact us on our Social Media pages at any time.

Buy with confidence at DogsDogy - we will take care of the rest and make sure you are happy!

Med El Houta