New Owner Was Going To Return Shelter Dog, But Then He Read The Previous Owner’s Note

dogs are considered as man’s best friend, they are one of the most cutest pets in the world.

they can definitely help in letting your spirits, and vice versa! it’s quite hard for the dogs after getting used to his owner to move to another one, could they change when ends up in the hands of new owners?

well, this exactly what happened when a young man moved to a new town and felt lonely because he had no one.

that’s what led him to think about adopting a dog that would be his companion.

but, unfortunately, when he adopted him, it turned that he wasn’t the perfect puppy for him.

he had never imagined the difficulties he would face.
then, he finds the letter which was left for him by the old owner.

He Was About To Give Up

the new young owner named Anthony was facing a rough situation with his new puppy, he was absolutely convinced that this dog wouldn’t be the one he desired.

but he decided to wait two weeks to see if things would change for the better or not.

and, also because the shelter where he adopted his dog in the first place suggested that the might need more time in order to get along with the new atmosphere and of course with his new human parent too.

so, Anthony waits in hopes that his dog would make a progress. guess what? the man found a letter that the previous owner left with the dog, and the letter was the key factor of changing the dog’s life and Anthony’s as well.

dog 1
He Was About To Give Up