How to pluck dog ear hair


Why pluck dog ear hair?

Plucking the hair from the ear canal is actually helps in increasing the air circulation. Which would decrease moisture getting stuck inside the ear canal and becoming infected.

Should you pluck a dog’s ear hair?

Plucking the hair from the ear canal is a controversial topic in the dog grooming world. So, many groomers choose to stop plucking dog’s ears so as to avoid being blamed to be the reason for causing an ear infection.

Indeed, the main reason for the ear infections in dogs is simply one Particular yeast call Malassezia Pachydermayis. This organism actually exists on the dog’s skin and his ear the whole time. You may think that your dog’s ear is completely clean. But the truth is there’s still Vestiges of these yeast organisms that exist.

Indeed, there are other well-known bacteria that causes ear infections called Staph, and it’s also existed with a few amounts in the ear.

The job of the dog’s immune system is to control and works to remain the yeast and bacteria always in check.

So, in case if your dog gets an ear infection, then you have to know that his immune system is not working efficiently.

One of the reasons that stop the immune system to do its job effectively is the hair that exists in the ear, actually, that hair helps in building this bacteria and yeast.

Moreover, there is another reason for causing this infection which includes dogs who have Other factors include dogs with floppy ears, dogs with tiny ear canals, and water or moisture build-up in the ear.

So, what you need to do is to reduce the hair that grows up in the air routinely. So as to help the micro-environment of the ear canal to be healthier and also facilitate the job of the immune system.

Does plucking dog ear hair hurt?

ear health is incredibly important, but sometimes Plucking ear hair can be Inconvenient for a pup. Your dog may find plucking his ear hair quite hard and that’s would be hard for you as well.

And this actually depends on;

– how often it is Completed. Ideally, plucking your dog’s ear hair should be done six weekly. Because if you let the hair to increase for a long time the plucking process would be more Tough.

– on the individual dog. That depends on the kind of dog. While some of the dogs their hair drag out with no effort, There are some dogs you will find it really hard to pull their hair out.

– what the exact age you should start to do it. It’ s better to let your puppy get used to this process form an early age. So as he can adjust with it and accept it as a routine method.

In case you notice that this process causes pain to your pup, then you can stop it, and try to do another attempt later or the next day.

Moreover, you can clip the inside of the ear leather and around the entrance to the ear canal.

But, be careful to not ever clip inside the ear entrance and also not catching the skin flap inside the ear with the blade.

What to use to pluck dog ear hair

Sometimes you can probably pluck your dog’s ear hair only with your fingers. But be careful your finger should be dry and not solid.

In case if your dog’s hair was Humid or more Stodgy, then we advise you to use powder or ear tweezers. That’s would be a good idea.

Powder to pluck dog ear hair

The ear hair powder is definitely a good way to Soak Up the Humidity exists on the hair and it will help you in catching the hair.

Tools to pluck dog ear hair

These tweezers are absolutely the perfect way to pluck your dog’s ear hair, they designed specifically with rounded ends that help you to pull the hair safely and without sticking into the skin.

But, stay away from human tweezers, do not ever use them because as we all know they have sharp ends that would hurt your furry friend.

How to pluck dog ear hair

You obviously wonder how you can start plucking your dog’s ear hair, it à simple process you need just to follow what we are going to tell you.

Well, the first thing you should start with is clipping the inside of the ear leather. Then around the base on the inside of the ear to make this area clean.

In case if you choose to use the powder, then you need to Spray the suitable amount in order to cover the hair but not a lot.

If you notice that your fingers are Skidding off the hair, then you need to add extra powder. But in case if you want to get a perfect, plucking tweezers would be the best choice.

Indeed, there’s another way you can do to get all the hair plucked, you can simply use scissors. It will let more air in. but be more careful while doing this.