How to get your dog to stay calm when guests arrive.

How to calm a fearful dog

Some dogs get extremely hyperactive and excited every time the bell’s door rings, so if your pup is one of these dogs, then you might be in trouble. You may notice that your dog barks loudly and rush immediately to the door whenever he hears the bell rings.

It may seem kind of cute move at first, but if he keeps repeat it frequently it will turn definitely to a disturbing behavior to you and even to your guests.

Indeed, There are some Presumptions that explained the reasons behind this disturbing attitude. They would tell that these dogs are actually considering themselves just in the level of their owners, and sometimes they see that they are higher than them. You probably wonder why?

The answer is simple, these dogs have no accepted authority figures. So to stop this annoying behavior you have to take several Constraints and laws that could control your dog’s behavior. Here’s in the list below some of step that you should follow to keep your dog relaxed when guests comes to your home.

1. Clear the yard

This is really an effective way, If you have a fixed zone in your home where you can train your dog would be nice, however if you have a backyard, then that would more better for training your dog comfortably.

So, what you are going to do is to set a zone where you can play and get rid of his stress. Dogs who did these kind of behaviors definitely have no areas where they can spend their energy and run, play and do different activities, this why they tend to do this moves.

2. Consult with the Vet

Your vet may give some help concerning this issue. so, you can simply ask for his advice on what kind of toys that could help your furry friend to be calm and busy with.

According to many Precedent experiences, we can tell that bully sticks could be dense enough to be chewed on. Moreover, You could rely also on carrot sticks or even a few wooden sticks, they will probably works.

3. Practice door exercises

Despite that, it’s a hard kind of training and take a long time. but it is so effective, what you need to do is to show your dog that you are going outside, then reach for the door. In case if your pooch rushes in front of you even if you are there, then do not open the door. Just Sit down and do the same thing another time.

But if your pup calms down, in this case, you can attempt one more time. Your dog can reaches out and start begging, if he does this never pet him, because this will only boost the behavior that he did first. Just keep doing this step as much as you can until you can see that your dog is able to stay behind and finally allow you to walk first across the door. And of course, don’t forget to reward him by allowing him to Exceed the door right to the chew yard.

4. Leash training

To practice this kind of training, you need to use a medium-length leash for dogs. So, to start you have to bind the leash to your dog. After this you need to put pressure on the leash and get some interesting front of his eyes. In case if he rushes to it, he will figure out that he is actually bound by a leash.

You may see it as a Cruel behavior, but trust me this way certainly works. Your dog may calm down, so in this case you need to Mitigate the Stress on the leash until he is right next to the reward.

Never allow him to pull the leash. If your dog Succeeds to rest calm for a while even if the reward is near to him, then you can take off the pressure on the leash in a total way. Keep repeating this process until you see that your pup is finally able to stay relaxed even if something exciting in front of him.

5. Establish authority to reinforce good behavior

As we mentioned above, dogs can do this disturbing behavior simply. so, what you are going to do is to show him your control over him. But how? So, there are some rules you need to set to make that happen, and your dog has to follow them exactly.

For example, if your pup like to sit next to you in the couch, but after he barks loudly every time he sees an exciting thing like a rabbit from the window or a butterfly rooming, then what you need to is to make him getting up from the couch and don’t let him go back whatever he does.

The second rule is linked to the door, what you have to do is get close to the door and allow him to be close it too. So, if he starts wagging excitedly, you should not open the door, just wait for him until he decides to sits down then you can open it. Keep doing this exercise, your dog will be absolutely obedient then.

This is one of the effective ways to show your control over your pup. You can simply force him to ask permission before he starts eating. If you see that he is overly excited, Do not provide him food. Hold on until your pup manages to sit down before you place his pot in front of him.

6. Recreate situations that make them excited

This step is so efficient, it actually pushes your pup to desensitize with the things that make him overly excited. As much as he gets used to these things as much these things becomes normal for him.

So, every time your dog manages to calm down prise him, in this way, he will make himself relaxed even if the things that excite him is nearby.

Moreover, you will Unprecedented Systematic steps of good attitudes that you desire for your pup. We are extremely certain that if you just follow these steps listed above, you will definitely have an obedient and well-behaved pup.