Golden Retriever Sees Baby Deer Drowning, Jumps In The Water And Does This

dogs are known to be man’s best friend, they are the cutest and the most loyal animals on this earth. many dogs are known to save their owners or other people from danger or even death, and other special things.

One of these dogs is storm, a brave English golden retriever, who had started his day with a walk on the long Island next to his fury sister Sara and his owner Mark Freeley. while all of the sudden Storm leaped into the water to take out something which seemed like a log, what pushes his human parent to take out his phone and start filming.

so, if you want to discover more about what happened to Storm, check out the entire story and the pictures below.

A Loyal Pooch

you wouldn’t imagine how much Mark Freeley love his dogs, he often takes them on long walks wherever they want, they even swim together, they were really his best friends, he completely shared his life with them, in return he was aware that Sara and storm are very loyal and caring.

One Sunday exactly in the morning, Mark would really be amazed by his golden retriever puppy. he had never imagined that his dog would jump into the water, he was very surprised. but, he knew that storm would come back to the shore safely. so, that what leads him to film the video which turns to be a trend?! Freeley