Fishermen Notice An Animal On An Iceberg, But Had No Idea What It Was

This story tells of the odd discovery that a group of fisherman friends found on an iceberg that tested both their friendship and their personal limits. What started as an average fishing trip took a sudden and shocking turn when they discovered that something was alive on an iceberg and was in dire need of saving. The unexpected experience compelled the group of friends to push their limits, and their bravery and sheer determination are undeniably worthy of recognition and praise. After reading this inspirational story, you just may realize that the world really isn’t all that bad.

Friends Turned Fishermen

Close friends Allan Russel, Mallory Harrigan, and Cliff Ruseel often enjoyed fishing trips together, and their outings soon changed from a relaxing past-time into a profitable business when they purchased a fishing boat to start their own company.

The Trio

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