Fishermen Notice An Animal On An Iceberg, But Had No Idea What It Was

This story tells of the odd discovery that a group of fisherman friends found on an iceberg that tested both their friendship and their personal limits. What started as an average fishing trip took a sudden and shocking turn when they discovered that something was alive on an iceberg and was in dire need of saving. The unexpected experience compelled the group of friends to push their limits, and their bravery and sheer determination are undeniably worthy of recognition and praise. After reading this inspirational story, you just may realize that the world really isn’t all that bad.

Friends Turned Fishermen

Close friends Allan Russel, Mallory Harrigan, and Cliff Ruseel often enjoyed fishing trips together, and their outings soon changed from a relaxing past-time into a profitable business when they purchased a fishing boat to start their own company.

The Trio

A Small Boat And A Three-Man Crew

Their company is small as they only have one boat and three crewmen running the show, but the trio are passionate about what they do for a living. Living in Canada, their homeland is a great area for fishing and the three are well-informed about the kinds of local fish that consumers usually opt for.

One Boat

An Unknown Journey

Despite their vast knowledge, each time they head out to sea they have absolutely no idea what kind of day they will have. They never expected the job to be an easy one. However, there was no way they could have prepared for the day they encountered something odd on an iceberg.

Into The Unknown

Dedicated To The Job

Even though fishing is considered one of the more demanding jobs around as fishermen are required to wake early to start preparing for their day out at sea, the trio are quite used to the grueling hours and amount of effort that goes into a productive day on the job. Usually, those who have dedicated their lives to this kind of job enjoy the work and all that comes with it, much like these three friends.

Screenshot 10

Business Built On Solid Friendship

The business of fishing is quite serious and as with any business, there are always plenty of challenges to overcome, but as their business was built on a solid friendship, Allen, Mallory, and Cliff were both dedicated to the business and to their friendship. It just so happens that the business actually brought them even closer together than ever before.

Built On Friendship

Requirements Of The Job

As mentioned, part of the requirements of fishing explains long hours away at sea and potentially difficult and daunting sailing conditions that can make the job extremely challenging. The friends often only get home late in the evenings and even minor injuries, such as the regular bumps and bruises, are part of the grueling work-life at sea. Despite the daily challenges, the three truly enjoy each day on the job.

Screenshot 20

No Complaints

None of the fishermen have ever complained about the hard work of the tough working conditions and their mutual friendship bonds only seem to compel them to strive for success and work harder. It could be said that the tough challenges of fishing are what brings excitement to the job.

Hard At Work

How It All Started

When Mallory and her two friends headed out to sea on a clear morning, they expected it to be a day like any other. The crab fishermen (and woman!) headed through the harbor with no inclination as to what they would encounter that day.


A Crystal Clear Day

However, the day would turn out to be one that would stay with them forever. The friends were preparing for a usual day out at sea, but Mallory already had an exceptionally good feeling about the day. However, she could never have imagined what she and her friends were about to experience.

One Fine Day

A Seemingly Ordinary Day

She had woken up earlier than most days and began to prepare for the day ahead before her friends arrived on the boat. She recalls being quite motivated and in a pleasingly good mood as her friends arrived to join her.

Just Like Any Other Day


Once everyone had arrived it was time to go through the checklist they’d created to ensure everything was in order before heading out. They already knew that this was essential in order to prepare as best as possible for the day ahead.

Screenshot 16

Getting Ready

Even a minor error can cause havoc for fishermen and in the event that anything gets overlooked, it could mean ending up having to stay out at sea for longer, unplanned hours. The friends were serious about proper preparation to prevent this from happening.


Stories at Sea

Even though preparation must be thorough, it is probably the easier part of the job. The friends would enjoy each other’s company and would spend a lot of time telling each other stories even though they’ve known each other for basically forever.

Heading Out


The friends worked together every day and each day was a new day to enjoy one another’s company as they could never tire of each other. This day was no exception as the friends started their day chatting and having a good time filled with laughter.

A New Day

The Perfect Spot

The friends sailed for quite a few miles to get to the perfect crabbing spot located just off of Canada’s coast. The clear skies and calm waters gave the impression that the day would be ideal.

Screenshot 22

Getting Started

After they reached the perfect spot, an ideal spot for crabbing they’d found, they started dropping their baskets onto the ocean floor in hopes that plenty of crustaceans would be lurking there. Now all that was left to do was to wait and hope for the best.

Dropping Baskets

Ending The Season

The friends would need to sit and wait for the crabs to be lured in by the bait. They were hoping for a good catch as it was the end of the crab season. Even though they had quite a good run so far, they were hoping to end the season with a great catch.

Screenshot 23

Luck Runs Out

The previous few weeks had been great for business, but they were concerned that they may be out of luck. The had managed to have a record-breaking year and were not so sure the day would go their way once again.

Out Of Luck

Crabbing Routine

The trio was each assigned to a different aspect of the task as one would man the boat while the other two were in charge of managing the lines to avoid them from tangling. The routine was regular so they were each in tune with their tasks already. However, what happens next would alter the course of their day.


Another Successful Day

As they pulled in the crab cages the trio couldn’t believe their eyes! They were surely wrong about their luck running out! High-fiving each other in surprise at their big catch, they decided to throw the cages back in to see if they would be as lucky the second time around.

Screenshot 15

Finding A New Spot

As the day went on they contemplated whether or not they would be able to have a catch in another fishing spot and have even more luck. The new spot was a lot icier, and the further away they sailed the more challenging the sailing conditions would be.

New Fishing Spot

Rough Waters

Even though things may have looked quite calm out at sea, quite the opposite was true as the water conditions became even more challenging. Regardless, the trio headed out to test their luck at a further crabbing spot.

Screenshot 25

Dangers Lurking

As there are plenty of icebergs floating around the Labrador Sea, the sailing conditions are incredibly dangerous and one wrong turn could mean disaster even for the most experienced fisherman.

One Wrong Turn

Something Odd

Allen noticed an iceberg approaching as they sailed the sea towards their new spot and as he navigated the boat around the large piece of floating ice, he noticed something odd. The trio was quite used to maneuvering around icebergs on most days, but something was not quite right about this one.

Screenshot 24

Strange Encounter

The trio battled to see what exactly they were facing as the sun was extremely bright against the white ice and the water. As the other fishermen started to notice the same strange thing that Allen did, they all realized that something about the iceberg was not quite right. They battled to figure out what the problem was with the bright glare on the ice.

Screenshot 1

Help Is Needed!

Once they were able to get a closer look at what was on the iceberg they could clearly see a dark spot and while it was a bit difficult to make out exactly what they were encountering they considered that it may be a seal simply enjoying the sun from the top of the iceberg. They soon realized that something was a bit odd about the seal.


Figuring Out The Problem

Mallory and Cliff both assumed that the creature on the iceberg was simply a seal and they had seen this situation several times before over their years of sailing. On the other hand, Allen was persistent that something was a bit too strange.

Closer Look

Not A Seal

After sussing out the situation with binoculars, Allen stated that the creature was, in fact, not a seal at all judging by its appearance and its movements. This shocked the crew and they insisted on finding out exactly what it was on the iceberg.

Screenshot 21

Compelled By Curiosity

Even though the trio knew they still had another few hours of work ahead of them, they felt compelled by curiosity to discover what kind of animal it was on the iceberg. They simply needed to find out what it was and if it was ok. As they managed to get a closer look, they realized that the temperature was dropping and the wind was getting stronger.

Getting Closer

Convincing His Friends

They knew it was quite dangerous to explore the iceberg simply to discover what kind of animal was on it, but Allen was able to sway the concerns of his friends. If it wasn’t for this, the animal’s fate would have been in danger.


Getting Closer

As they approached, they became weary as to what kind of situation they would be encountering but Allen managed to calm his friends’ concerns as their actions would save the animal that was in dire need of rescue. Their decision was made and they sailed closer to approach the iceberg.


Exceptionally Cold

It became clear that the animal was trapped on the iceberg as it was not a seal at all. The fur-covered creature was soaking wet and the exceptionally cold temperatures became a concern for the brave trio as the animal may risk freezing, considering it clearly did not belong on the iceberg at all. They knew then that they would need to do what they could to save the animal from a tragic death.

Screenshot 2


The team knew they had to approach the iceberg with extreme caution as they sailed through the icy waters. Even a small piece of ice could damage the boat, or worse yet, cause it to capsize. This meant that even though they knew time was of the essence for the stranded creature, they would need to be as cautious as possible for everyone’s safety.


Watching For Danger

The sailing conditions became even more extreme as they approached the piece of ice floating across the water and as the waves became more and more unpredictable, the trio worked together to reach the animal without putting themselves in grave danger. Despite the challenge, the trio felt both excited and concerned about rescuing the helpless creature.

Screenshot 13

Risky Waters

The heavy wind made the challenge even riskier and the rough waters were rocking the boat even more as they approached the iceberg. The crew felt more than capable of handling risky waters. Although they soon became concerned that the animal may get stressed and become frightened by the movements of the iceberg.


Fearing For The Animal’s Reaction

They soon became even more concerned about the reaction of the frightened animal and worried that it may decide to jump in the water due to stress.

Ice Blocks

Chasing The Iceberg

As a result of the rocky waters, the iceberg was floating further away and the team eventually realized that reaching the iceberg would be even more complicated than they initially anticipated. The stranded creature began pacing up and down the iceberg anticipating the situation of the boat approaching and the frightening movements.

Pursuing Ice


In order to stay as close as possible to the iceberg, the trio needed to increase the boat speed, which made navigation even more complicated. The dangers seemed to drastically increase and worse yet, the day was coming to an end too; light was disapearing.

Screenshot 14

A Closer Look

Once they managed to get a closer look at the scared animal they realized it was a lot like a dog in appearance, although, they were certain it was definitely not a lost puppy that landed, stranded, on the iceburg.

Getting a Glimpse

In Dire Need Of Saving

The helpless creature was clearly in need of rescuing as it was soaking wet and shivering from the cold. They knew time was running out before the animal would be claimed by the freezing conditions and they were prepared to do whatever it took to prevent that from happening.


A Helpless Arctic Fox

When the trio approached the animal they could see it was an arctic fox in front of them. They knew there was no time to contemplate just how the poor creature managed to end up stranded there as birds were circulating the air above the helpless creature. They would need to act fast before the fox became their dinner!

Screenshot 3

A Decision Is Made

The fact that other preditors knew the fox was nearing an end compelled the friends to act fast. There was no question surrounding whether or not they would rescue the animal as the crew had their minds made up. Regardless of the dangers involved, they were the only hope for the stranded fox.

Not A Pet

Bravey In Bucket Loads

The friends knew that time was of the essence if they were going to save the fox from freezing to death. However, they would need to create a plan of action for the rescue mission to be a success. There was no knowing whether or not the timid creature would trust the strangers enough to let them help.

Bold Attempt

More Concerns Of Danger

It was unknown if the fox had ever encountered humans before and the friends knew that all wild animals could resort to a vicious attack purely out of fear of the unknown. Even though their intentions were pure, the fox had no way of knowing this, of course.

Good Intentions

Approaching Peacefully

They approached the animal with their hands stretched out in an attempt to prove that they were not intending on harming the wild fox. While reaching out and calling to an animal is usually appropriate for tame animals, the friends were not entirely sure if the same was true for a wild fox.

Wild Fox

Not At All Tame

An arctic fox is by no means a tamed house pet, which is why the scared creature tried to get away from the fishermen. However, the poor creature had absolutely nowhere to go as it was trapped on the iceberg. Eventually, it resorted to staring at the fisherman and while the fox showed no intention of approaching them, the friends did not intend on giving up.

Getting Away

Waiting Anxiously

Seeing that the fox was fading and time was running out. They knew all they could do was be patient and hope for the best. They decided to wait it out and started settling in to calm the scared animal.

Waiting Game

A Glimpse Of Hope

After the friends had a bit of rest the fox finally showed signs of progress as it took a few steps towards the boat. It may have realized that the boat was its chance of escaping the cold. However, there was still no knowing whether or not the fox would grow comfortable and trusting enough to actually climb on board the boat with them.


Too Weak

While the fox began approaching the boat with extreme caution it became clear that the animal was too weak to jump on the boat without any assistance. Allen decided to take a chance and reached for the fox to pick it up and help it onboard their boat. At long last, the fox was off the iceberg. Although the animal was still in danger.

The Rescue

Efforts To Escape

The fox was unfortunately startled by Allen’s attempt at rescue and resorted to jumping back into the freezing water. The friends were extremely alarmed as the small fox battled to swim in the freezing waters. However, they were not about to give up hope that they could save the distressed animal.

Screenshot 4

Safe Once Again

The scared animal circled the boat and Allen reached into the water to assist the animal once again and lifted it into the boat. The fox was still terrified; he cowered away from them on the boat and huddled in a corner for warmth. The trio became concerned that the fox was now in even more danger of freezing to death as he shivered in the corner.

Back Into The Boat

Distrustful And Scared

The harsh wind was surely worsening the condition of the scared fox and even though Allen and Cliff had gathered towels to help warm the animal they were extremely concerned that it might attack them in fear. There was just no knowing when the fox would realize they were only trying to help.

Into the Water

Heading Back To Shore

Mallory realized that it was crucial to keep the fox warm to save its life and steered the boat back to shore. The fact that they were quite far from the shore was an impending concern as it would take them a great deal of time to get the fox back to land.

Saving a Fox

No Time To Waste

It was clear that the fox was running out of time and even though Cliff and Allen were patiently waiting for a chance to warm the freezing animal, there was hardly any chance the fox would allow it. All they could do was consider other options while waiting and hoping for the best.

Time Is Of The Essence

Sawdust Nest

Mallory considered it may be a great idea to make a bed for the fox where he could find warmth by himself. They decided it would be a great idea to make something of a nest for the animal to huddle in and they gathered all the sawdust they could find to make a bed. The sawdust would keep warmth in as a great insulator.

A Warm Bed

Snuggled For Warmth

The trio placed the sawdust inside a plastic bin and put the fox inside. It wasn’t long before the timid creature buried himself in the sawdust and the friends could finally relax. They placed the makeshift bed on the sunniest spot of the boat to ensure the fox could get as warm as possible.

Screenshot 5

Getting The Fox In The Bed

When they were ready to get the fox in his new bed they realized that Allen was the most capable as he had already picked up the creature twice. All he needed to do was place the fox gently into the bin of sawdust and hope the animal wouldn’t jump out in fear. Luckily the fox immediately snuggled into the sawdust and it wasn’t long before he was asleep.

Fox's Bed

The Rush To Get Back To Shore

Even though the fox was calm and able to get warm in the bed of sawdust, the fishermen would still need to hurry back to shore to save the animal. The fox may not be able to survive too long in the harsh conditions and they would need to find help once they reached land.

Racing Back To Shore

Changing Course

The journey back to the shore would be roughly 30 minutes from when Cliff took over. He noticed he could change the course of the boat to save time and as they needed to get back as soon as possible the decision was made and the friends sailed towards the shore hoping to find the fox medical attention upon arrival.

Adjusted Course

Timid, Weak, And Cold

The fisherman were in an extreme hurry and when the boat hit a wave the fox startled awake in fear. The friends decided they should give the fox some of their catch to help calm the animal. There was no doubting that the fox was hungry and weak, although, would he take the food?

Screenshot 61

Fish And Crab For The Fox

Mallory got a few fish and some crabs from their catch and wondered whether or not the fox would actually take the treats. They had managed to get the animal into the bed. They could only hope for the best as the fox would need all the strength it could get.

Screenshot 7

Not A Fan Of Crab

The Fox did not seem entirely pleased with the idea of eating crab so Mallory headed to the galley to get her new furry friend something to eat. She managed to find Vienna’s and decided to soak them in water. When offering a few to the fox they were amazed at how he quickly he gobbled them down! Everyone was extremely relieved that the fox was eating as he most likely had not eaten anything for days.


Safe On Land

The little fox went straight back to sleep in his sawdust bed after enjoying a few sausages and he managed to stay asleep until the boat made it safely back to land. As the boat reached the shore, the noise startled the fox agin and Mallory took it upon herself to keep the fox calm. The terrifying noise was, unfortunately, a bit too much for the wild animal and Mallory struggled to calm him.

Safe Return

Soothing Conversation

Sitting right by the fox’s bed, Mallory decided to calm the fox by talking to it even though the animal would have no understanding of what she was saying. The soothing tone of her voice was just enough to keep the fox settled until the boat was docked and they could disembark.

Screenshot 9

What To Do With The Fox

Once the trio was back on dry land they would need to decide what to do with the fox as he had already eaten and gotten warm, which meant he likely did not need any medical attention. Once again, Mallory found the solution.


A Spot Fit For A Fox

Mallory found a spot close to the dock that would be most fitting for a fox. The spot was free of danger and seemed to be appropriate for a wild animal.

Screenshot 19

A Perfect Home

The friends knew that there was a small dog house located in the are and thought it would be a great idea to search for a bit until they found it. This would make the place even more perfect for the little fox.

A New Home

Happy At Last

Cliff held the arctic fox as they searched for the dog house. It came as quite a surprise that the little fox remained calm in his arms without trying to escape. They managed to find the dog house and the fox calmly waited for their next move.

Screenshot 12

Mission Complete

They placed the makeshift bed on the ground and gently placed the fox back in its bed and waited for the little animal to begin investigating the immediate surroundings.



It took the fox a few moments to climb out from its sawdust bed and start exploring his new home. The little creature investigated the house and lay down in front of it. Finally, the timid creature was safe.


Humbling Experience

Once the fox settled into his new environment the friends couldn’t help but feel complete relief that they decided to intervene. Had they not taken on the challenge, the fox would likely have died from cold and hunger.

Settling In

Complete Relief

The friends waited for a while to be sure the fox was okay. They looked on as the little creature begun exploring his new home and it was clear that he was comfortable with his new surroundings.

Just To Be Sure


Once they were sure that the fox was comfortable, they headed back to the boat as their mission was complete. It was now time for them to go home after a long day of bravery and hard work. There’s no doubt that this day will serve as a monumental memory of their friendship for years to come!

Screenshot 18

A Most Draining Day

Even though most days are tedious for fishermen, it is quite understandable why the friends felt even more drained than usual. They were anticipating the chance to arrive home and finally relax after such a stressful day.

Long Day

A Memorable Day

They couldn’t help but absorb just how beautiful the world around them was as the experience of rescuing a helpless creature seemed to alter their outlook on almost everything. The events of the day made their surroundings more beautiful than ever before. Perhaps good deeds have the power to change a person’s entire perception of life!

When All Is Said And Done

Sharing Their Story


Mallory decided she would post about the eventful day on Instagram to commemorate their amazing experience. Her post read: ‘Managed to nurse this little baby back to health the other day with @cliffordrussell9455 and @alanrussell7  His fur should be brown by now but he was on that piece of ice for so long that it never changed color.’

Screenshot 17


While all those who read the post were incredibly proud and enchanted by the actions of the fisherman, the trio was humbled by the situation that compelled them to act out of bravery purely for the benefit of the helpless fox.

Screenshot 8

Positive Reactions

Once the story went public, the online feedback was incredibly positive and so many people commented on how amazing their selfless actions really were. The fishermen received ample praise from countless people.


Powerful Comments

While some comments explained how their actions and good intentions prove that humanity still exists, others felt inspired by the story of a selfless rescue mission. There is no denying that this heart-warming story is deserving of praise!

More Comments

Rewarding Bravery

Once the challenging day was over the two men and woman knew that they had done a great thing and felt extremely humbled by the whole experience. In the face of a daunting challenge, they managed to pull through despite their fears. Their story is exceptionally inspirational as their honorable actions prove that there really is still so much good in the world.

Screenshot 11

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