Experts Say These Dog Breeds Could Cause Your Insurance To Skyrocket

who don’t love dogs? they are considered man’s best friend, they are known to be friendly, cute, and very loyal.

however, every dog breed is different from the other, by having various traits and characteristics.

the insurance companies are determined in this case, to them a dog may be a liability for any number of Causes. so, do you think your dog is one of them?

let’s read the list below to find out.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows Ostensibly seems to be a suitable companion, they are known to be so protective, also adorable and lovely. besides, their strong loyal bond with friends and family.

however, we know that this breed is very massive, aggression can be one distinctive behavioral characteristic in this breed.

chow Chow has been known to hurt small children unintentionally. due to thier strong hunting instincts, it’s recommended to stay fenced, leashed, and the most importantly staying away from small kids and pets.

as we mentioned before chow Chows are very loyal to their families so that they feel a little bit jealous when someone gets close to their owners.