Dogs travel tips 12 road trip essentials

Every dog owner wants to take his puppy wherever he goes, do anything with him. So, are you planning for a road journey with your furry companion? Luckily, in this article, we are going to show you what to pack for your dog, whether you’re driving cross-country or only some hours to your neighboring state. Let’s figure them out.

1. Bottled Water

In case if you are driving on a trip with your dog, you need to be sure that he would not be dry and thirsty, so what you will be going to do is to pack several by water bottles. In addition, If you observe your pup panting or slowing down. then, you have to stop what you are doing whatever it is and provide him some water. We suggest packing some extra bottles because you will also need some, there is a chance to be thirsty.

2. Portable Food & Water Bowls

We solve the water bottles matter, now we will move to something linked to this, it is the thing we need to pour the water inside so as your dog can have some drink. Moreover, you will need absolutely an extra bowl in order to save food for your pup. Silicone foldable is an excellent choice, simply because it didn’t take up a lot of space, and when it stretched, it is so deep enough to handle a good size serving.

3. Car Hammock

You will absolutely need this, A car hammock is really a great way to protect your car’s back seat. Many dog owners loved it, once they get the chance to use it. It’s really Sturdy, and high quality, also it is waterproof.

4. Crate, Booster Seat, or Seatbelt

The best thing you can do to make sure that your dog will be save during the car driving is to use them, they are totally safe. Indeed, some states consider the car restraints an important and obligate thing during traveling. So, Before even starting your journey, you need to Recognise the laws in any state you will possibly drive over.

Luckily, you have got some several choices concerning restraints, it’s better to check them out: – while small kids have to ride in a car seat during the driving time, dogs can do the same exact thing as well. You can find several booster seats on the market for small to medium size dogs. In addition to their safety benefits, they also help in letting your furry friend sit up really high and manage to watch the view from the window during the ride. – the harness is an effective tool to provide better control over your dog, There are many several kinds of harness restraining tools. Some of the most well-known harnesses attach to a car’s seatbelts.


we recommend you to use the type of restraining tools with an approved harness. And please stay away from hooking a restraint to a collar, Just for your dog safety, because there is always a risk If your dog was bound to a collar and the car was in an accident, he will probably get thrown and hang himself. – in case you own an SUV and you plan to take a ride with your furry friend, he will ride in a cargo area. so, that’s mean that you have to protect him from any possible risk. Using a crate is Okey for traveling.

However, if you decide to use this tool, you have to make sure that the crate is well- secured to something, so as if an accident happened the crate will not be thrown in somewhere.

5. Extra Leash

As we all know the leash is an efficient and simple tool to control your dog during many activities. So, you will more comfortable using a leash for your dog during riding. So, it will better of you Retain an additional leash in your car’s center console. Just for Précaution.

6. Your Dog’s Favorite Blanket

There’s is nothing like home, so when you plan to ride with your dog, it’s better to provide him something from his favorite things like his blanket, he will be definitely relieved smelling the Odor of home. Well, Placing a blanket in the back seat from your car will help your furry friend to feel warm during the ride.

7. Toys

Toys can often be bought not only as play items four of our dogs but also as items to keep them contented. So, it will be a good idea if you use your dog’s toys during a ride so as to keep him busy and excited. Moreover, you can get some extra puppy puzzles in the order he can play with at the hotel.

8. Waste Bags

In case if you are planning to travel with your puppy, then you have to make sure to have enough waste Bags, because you are not exactly certain that you will find in any stop area stores who have these kinds of stuff.

9. Flea Comb and Tick Remover

You have to know that there is always a possibility that your dog will pick up an Undesirable Guest when you are far away from home. In addition to the flea comb, we recommend you to use a special tick remover tool that you can simply order right from Amazon. It’s really better to have it.

However, we hope that you will never need to use it. Note: in case if your dog isn’t on a regular flea and tick treatment, we advise you to get a small bottle of dawn dish cleaner with you, it will absolutely help in getting rid of the fleas effectively.

Just after you reach the hotel, fill the bath with cozy water then add the dawn to this water. after that, fill the bath with warm water and add the dawn to the water. Then Impregnate your furry friend in that soapy water for about 5 minutes. But, keep in your that you can’t put the dawn immediately on him. Bath from the top of his head and down the rest of his body.

10. Paper Towels

You may think that paper towels are not a necessary thing during a ride, but trust me it can be beneficial, in case if your dog gets a car sick or runs in some dirt when out of a potty break, then paper towels will be really good help.

11. First Aid Kit

As we mentioned before there is always a risk during the ride, so you have to be prepared for every possibility.

It will be a good idea If you pack with you a first-aid for emergencies, it could be very important in case if something wrong happens to your companion dog.

12. Proper ID

One of the smartest Precautions you need to take during taking a ride with your pooch is putting an ID tag on his collar. You have to prepare your self for any possibility, your dog may dash after something while you let him a potty break, and maybe your dog will be thrown away during a car accident, we really hope that would never happen,

but it will be really better if you prepare for all the possibilities. There’s specific information that it should be on your ID pup’s tag like His/her name, your name, the exact city where do you live, and your contact info (like a phone number).