Dog Is Heartbroken, So Owner Tapes a Note On Neighbor’s Window

Dogs are some of the happiest animals in the world. Their tail is always wagging and they are eager to explore the world.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A woman named Kacy decided to share the story of her dog who would spend all his time looking out the window, until one day when he got depressed.

You will never believe what the dog was looking at all along!

20. Incredible Story

Today we are going to share with you an incredible story that will prove love exists in all forms. Get ready to be amazed because this story is not like any other you have ever seen before.

19. The Window

Our story starts when a woman named Kacy made a post on Reddit where she talked about her strange dog who would spend all his time staring out of the window. This is highly unusual, right?


18. Things Get Worse

The weird thing about Kacy’s dog is that he would stare out of the window at all times! He wouldn’t even take a break to eat when Kacy brought his food bowl. Something was not right and Kacy could feel it.

17. What Is He Looking At?

Kacy looked at her backyard in hopes of finding the item that is getting the attention of her dog but to no avail. There was nothing there and Kacy couldn’t figure out what her dog was looking at, until one day something went wrong…

16. Pretty FLowers

One day, Kacy decided to put some flower pots on the window porch to make her dog play with her and not look out of the window all day long instead. Do you think this plan worked?

15. The Dog Is Sad

To Kacy’s surprise, her dog was now sad and he didn’t want to do anything! The dog would barely eat and this made Kacy worry about his health.

14. Special Help

Kacy was worried about her dog’s health and she decided that she needs to pay a visit to the vet. She had to figure out what’s going on with the dog before it was too late.

13. Trip To The Vet

Kacy put the sad dog in the backseat next to her baby and off she went. Although, Kacy was never ready for what the vet was about to tell her.

12. The Vet Speaks Out

The vet told Kacy that her dog is in perfect health. This was really weird because he was sad and didn’t want to do anything and Kacy asked the vet what is her opinion on this matter. This is when the vet told Kacy that her dog might be depressed. Can you believe this?

11. Going Home

As Kacy was taking the dog home she started thinking about what might make her dog depressed. She quickly figured out that putting the flower pots on the window might have been what caused this to happen.

10. Flower Pots

Kacy got home and without giving it any second thought she decided to take the flower pots down. To her surprise, the dog jumped straight on the window and he was filled with energy once again. What was the dog looking at all long?

9. The Neighbor’s Cat

Kacy realized that her beloved dog was looking at his neighbor’s cat and that he was sad because he couldn’t see her anymore. However, the cat stopped coming by the window after she saw that Kacy’s dog was not there anymore. Kacy needed to figure out a way to make her neighbor’s cat come to the window once again.

8. True Love

The dog and the cat somehow fell in love at a distance. This made Kacy feel bad for getting in the middle of their “long-distance relationship” and she decided to help out.

7. Clever Idea

Kacy didn’t want to bother her neighbor and she came up with a brilliant idea instead. Kacy started writing a special message that she was going to put on the window in hopes of her neighbor seeing and reacting to it.

6. Impressive Plan

Even though Kacy’s idea was a great one, there is a high chance that it might not work. The neighbor could not look out the window and Kacy’s dog would still wait for the cat to show up. Nonetheless, do you think the plan worked?

5. The Cat Shows Up

Fortunately, the neighbor saw the big sign that Kacy put on her window and he put his cat by the window once again. The dog was happier than ever and this made Kacy feel good.

4. The Message

This is the message that Kacy wrote for her neighbor. If you think this is adorable, then you really need to check out the next picture and see how her neighbor responded!

3. For True Love

This is how the neighbor reacted to seeing Kacy’s message. Isn’t this one of the most incredible things that you have ever seen?

2. Kacy’s Dog Is Happy

Kacy was now happy and this is the only thing that mattered to her. She did the right thing by getting her neighbor’s attention with the message and there’s no doubt about that.

1. Awesome Story

This awesome story showed us that loves comes in all forms. Even though dogs and cats are natural enemies, there is always an exception to that rule.

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