Cross Breeds You Have to See to Believe they exist!

If you are ever planning on getting a dog, maybe you can go for a mixed breed. There have been mixed reactions regarding owning mixed breeds.

While some people say that mixed breeds are unpredictable in terms of their temperament, what most people don’t know is that they are also smart, affectionate, and adorable just like pure breeds. Moreover, the mixing of genetic information also makes them statistically healthier compared to their purebred counterparts. So if mixed breeds are up your alley, below you will find 44 examples of designer mixed breeds ranging from adorable to weird to downright wrong.

Pitsky (Pit Bull And Husky)

The Pitsky showcases the strongest traits of each of its parents.  It has the bright colored eyes and high level of energy of its husky parent and the boxier frame of its Pitbull lineage. Although it is not as attractive as either of its parents, the Pitsky is an adorable dog to own. A Pitsky is a mixture of a Pit Bull and a Husky. This dog is loyal to the hilt but very difficult to train because it got its strong temperament from its Pitbull parent.

Golden Dox (Golden Retriever And Dachshund)

The Golden Dox is a mixture between a Golden Retriever and Dachshund. The Golden Dox has an adorable face and flowing hair just like its Golden Retriever parent. But since it also has a Dachshund lineage, it has a small frame with stout and short legs. This particular cross-breed is very loyal and generally protective. This affectionate dog is not expensive to take care of and they are very receptive to training. And if you have children, then this particular dog breed is perfect for the smaller members of your family.

German Chow (German Shepherd And Chow Chow)

The German Chow is a mixture of a German Shepherd and Chow Chow. As a result, this dog has the same built of its German Shepherd parent with the distinct fluffiness of the Chow Chow thus making this dog look very cuddly and strong at the same time. This dog has a huge personality but it requires a lot of time and energy to take care of this dog. But looking at their face, it is definitely worth owning this dog.

French Pin (French Bulldog And Mini Pinscher)

The French Pin is a mixture of the French Bulldog and Mini Pinscher. Because of its Mini Pinscher lineage, the dog is very lively and is full of energy so you will definitely be busy while taking care of your dog. In fact, it requires training to keep its mind and body very busy. This intelligent dog is characterized by having big ears and an adorable personality. And because both parents are small, it is a perfectly adorable lap dog.

Cheagle (Chihuahua And Beagle)

The Cheagle is the result of the cross-breeding of Chihuahua and a Beagle. This type of cross-breed is a perfect example that even if both parents aren’t the most attractive dog breeds, the resulting offspring can be totally awesome. The Cheagle is very cute. It has a tiny frame from its Chihuahua parent and a thick body of the Beagle. It is also full of energy and highly sociable. What makes this dog great is that it is very easy to train and is also very protective thus making it a perfect guard dog.

Jack-A-Poo (Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Poodle)

The Jack-A-Poo is a mixture between the Jack Russell Terrier and Miniature Poodle. It is one of the most captivating cross-breed to have ever existed. The Jack-A-Poo is a very energetic dog breed despite its tiny size. It loves to play a lot and oftentimes get feisty, which is a temperament that it got from its Miniature Poodle parent. And since it is part Jack Russell Terrier, this dog is very smart. But keep in mind that you have to give it lots of attention otherwise it will start chewing things out of boredom.

Maltipoo (Maltese And Poodle)

The Maltipoo is the result of the breeding of a Maltese and Poodle parents. As a result, this cross-breed is very adorable with its long hair, expressive eyes, and personality. This particular crossbreed is popular among many designer dog breed fans because of their charming quality. Their long hair is great for interesting makeovers and their size also makes the great lap dogs. But more than their cuteness, the Maltipoo is a very intelligent dog and it is very easy to train them.

Chusky (Chow Chow And Husky)

The Chusky is a designer cross-breed dog that is famed for its fluffy fur. It is the result of the mating of a Chow Chow and a Husky. Surprisingly, the resulting offspring is way cuter than both parents. The Chusky is characterized of having a fat and squat body, Aside from the fluffy fur that it got from its Chow Chow lineage, it also has a very attentive face that is reminiscent to its Husky parent. They are very loyal and overprotective of their humans. They have high levels of energy and they do best in an active house to remain happy and contented.

Maltese Shih Tzu (Maltese And Shih Tzu)

As the name implies, the Maltese Shih Tzu is a mixture between the Maltese and Shih Tzu. While the name lacks variety and surprise, this dog breed comes with many exciting features. This dog breed is characterized by having a furry coat that makes it perfect for fur parents who want to dress up their dogs. It is also a smart and patient dog, which such traits were obtained from its Shih Tzu lineage. It is also an active dog that is perfect for an active household.

Schnoodle (Schnauzer And Poodle)

The Schnoodle is a mixture of the Schnauzer and Poodle. Both parents are small dogs thus the result is not only a dog with a small frame but is also cheerful and adorable. It is loyal and protective just like its Schnauzer parent but they are also fun-loving and people-pleaser just like the Poodle. The Schnoodle is also a smart dog such that it can learn several tricks and can be independent working on its own. This dog breed also has high energy levels thus they thrive well in active homes.

Boxador (Boxer And Labrador)

A mix between the Boxer and Labrador, the Boxador is a fairly large dog with a long life expectancy of up to 15 years. The Boxador is a great companion dog that also doubles as a guard dog. It is very obedient and can be taught certain tricks to some extent. In fact, the Boxador is one of the most popular cross-breed dogs due to their temperament. This dog is also very playful thus it requires a lot of room to play because of their big size.

Hug (Husky And Pug)

The Hug is a combination of the Husky and a Pug. It is a large cross-breed that, despite its size and looks, is very friendly, cheerful, affectionate, loyal, and loving. Since one of its parents is a Husky, its color is only limited to black, gray, red, white, or silver. The Hug got most of its temperament from its Siberian Husky lineage thus it requires a lot of active play and more room to exercise regularly. They are also very smart such that they can be used for search and rescue.

Chug (Chihuahua And Pug)

The Chug is a whimsical name for a dog breed that results from the breeding of a Chihuahua and a Pug. It is also called Pughuahua. The Chug has a small and compact size just like both its parents. It is also very muscular that resembles both parents. Other distinct characteristics of the Chug include shorter muzzles and ears with folds on top. They can have either thick coarse coats like the Pug or long silky coats like the Chihuahua.

Miniature English Bulldog (English Bulldog And Pug)

The Miniature English Bulldog is a cross between the English Bulldog and a Pug. This particular type of dog is fun-loving by nature. It is also friendly not only with other people but also with other pets. Since both parents are not so active, the Miniature English Bulldog is not the most active yet it still loves spending time playing with its family. But since it is not so active, it does not require exercises. It loves taking a nap on the couch.

Bull-Pei (English Bulldog And Shar Pei)

The Bull-Pei is a cross between an English Bulldog and a Chinese Shar-Pei. The Bull-Pei is a quite dog thus making it a perfect dog for families with small children. Although quiet, this particular dog breed is also outgoing and is always looking for ways to attract attention to itself. This makes this dog very confident despite its placid demeanor. Moreover, this dog is also very loving and extremely loyal to the entire family.

Miniature Boxer (Boston Terrier And Boxer)

The Miniature Boxer is a cross-breed of a Boston Terrier and a Boxer. It is characterized by having a stocky built that it obtained from its Boxer parent. This dog is very friendly and outgoing thus making it perfect for a family with kids. It also has a calm demeanor and is loyal and protective of its owners. It is also a non-aggressive breed of dog but because this breed is not too trusting when it comes to strangers thus making it a good watchdog.

Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel And Poodle)

The Cockapoo is a resulting breed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. This type of dog breed has a small built thus making them perfect lap dogs. They are loyal and intelligent. They also have mellow temperaments thus making them perfect for a family with small children. They are very healthy thus they require little maintenance. What is great about the Cockapoo is that they are hypoallergenic such that they don’t shed thus making them perfect for owners with allergenic to pets.

Gollie (Golden Retriever And Collie)

The Gollie is a great name for a cross-breed and it is a result of the breeding of a Golden Retriever and a Collie. Both the Golden Retriever and Collie are friendly and affectionate dogs thus the Gollie posses the best traits of both dogs. Aside from being affectionate and friendly, they are extremely loyal to their owners. They are also very easy to train thus making them great family pets. This robust dog breed does not easily get sick and requires little maintenance.

Yorkipoo (Yorkshire Terrier And Poodle)

The Yorkipoo is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. It is a great dog breed because of its size thus making it a perfect lap dog. It inherited the intelligence of its Poodle parent and the energetic and fearless temperament of its Yorkshire parent. As a result, this dog is very energetic, loud, and can even be very mischievous. As an owner, it will give you more advantage if you train them so that they can control their active temperament.

Taco Terrier (Toy Fox Terrier And Chihuahua)

The Taco Terrier is a small cross-breed that is a result of the mating of a Toy Fox Terrier and a Chihuahua. Although tiny, Taco Terriers can be quite a handful as they require a lot of attention and care. They are also very fearless and they have no problem approaching bigger dogs. In fact, they tend to be more aggressive to them. They also bark loudly and their loyalty makes them good guard dogs.

Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog (German Shepherd And Wolfdog)

The Czech wolfdog is a result of an experiment to create a wolf-dog that can be used to help the army control the border in Czechoslovakia. The goal of the experiment was to create a dog that has a temperament and trainability of a German Shepherd as well as the stamina and strength of a Eurasian wolf. They are generally social animals and tame but they can also be aggressive towards the smaller animals thus they are not the best pets to have if you also have rabbits or birds in your house.

Borsky (Border Collie And Husky)

The Borsky is a combination of a Border Collie and a Husky. This dog is characterized by having high energy levels. Because of its Collie lineage, it has herding instincts as well as high intelligence. But unlike its Husky parentage, the Borsky is a medium-sized dog thus making it a great dog for a family with active lifestyles. They are also very loyal, adorable, and even comical as they tend to get into funny antics attributed to their predatory instincts. They can be full of energy but they can be tamed with the right reward.

Frenchton (Boston Terrier And French Bulldog)

Also called as Frenchbo, the Frenchton is a cross between a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog. This breed came about to fix some of the breathing issues of the French Bulldog. In fact, it has the same size and shape of the French Bulldog as well as the same facial features. The characteristics of its Boston Terrier Parent are evident with its long legs and snout thus making it a more attractive version of the French Bulldog. This dog is also very loyal and friendly thus making it a perfect family dog.

Rottador (Rottweiler And Labrador)

The Rottador is a cross between the Rottweiler and a Labrador Retriever. It is more muscular than a Lab and has a wider chest and head reminiscent of its Rottweiler parent. They can have the usual Lab color such as black and tan. They are generally nice and loyal. They are also very social thus making them perfect companion dogs. But because of its Rottweiler lineage, they are great guard dogs and require a good obedience foundation, which can be achieved with proper training.

Aussiepom (Australian Shepherd And Pomeranian)

Put together an Australian Shepherd and a Pomeranian and you’ll get an Aussiepom. These dogs have a cute look and give off a harmless vibe, which makes sense because they’re known to be sociable and have a cool temper. As a mixed breed, their size can vary, but they typically have the look of a smaller Australian Shepherd with some Pomeranian traits thrown in there. Not only is this crossbreed great to have as a pet, but they can live for up to 15 years, so it can be your family pet for a long time to come.

Beagi (Corgi And Beagle)

The Beagi may be the textbook definition of a cross bread. Just look at it; this animal has the head of a beagle but the legs of a corgi. It’s a perfect blend of the two dogs. Naturally, they are excitable but typically even-tempered, making them perfect pets. In fact, the Beagi is one of the most popular crossbreeds among dog owners. They also live nice long lives and typically stay healthy for much of their lifespan.

Alaskan Shepherd (Alaskan Malamute And German Shepherd)

The Alaskan Shepherd has been around for over 100 years as the result of cross-breeding between the Alaskan Malamute and the German Shepherd. If you look closely, you can definitely see both breeds in this animal. There’s the beautiful and dense coat, the muscular frame, and the pointed ears. As you might expect, it’s best to train them as soon as possible, but they have the temperament to make perfect pets for both families with young children and elderly people looking for some companionship.

Aussiedor (Australian Shepherd And Labrador)

The Aussiedor is the result of a Labrador breeding with an Australian Shepherd. The color of their coat can vary from one animal to the next, but what stays the same in this crossbreed is how intelligent and playful they are. These guys require plenty of space and time to exercise, but they’re also incredible with children and will have no problem bonding with a family. With a weight of up to 80 pounds, the Aussiedor is large but lovable.

Bullboxer (Pitbull And Boxer)

So the Bullboxer doesn’t have the greatest name, especially if you get it confused with the shoe, but that’s what you get when you cross a Boxer with a Pitbull. This crossbreed was actually bred purposely back in the 1990s. Naturally, it’s a big and strong animal that can make for a great guard dog with proper training. Putting them with other pets, especially small ones that they can bully, isn’t a great idea. However, the Bullboxer is a low-maintenance animal that can thrive in a family setting.

Corgsky (Corgi And Siberian Husky)

Okay, so mixing a Corgi and a Siberian Husky may not be the most natural combination, but it produces a beautiful dog that goes by Corgsky, Horgi, or possibly Siborgi. They have that classic Husky face and a beautiful double coat that is going to be shedding constantly. Of course, at the same time, they have the body and short legs of a Corgi. The combination is almost comical, but it’s also downright adorable, especially when you add in how fun, friendly, and loyal this crossbreed can be.

Golden Shepherd (Golden Retriever And German Shepherd)

The Golden Shepherd is simply the cross between the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd, two of the all-time most popular dog breeds. As you’d expect, they are as smart as they are loyal, taking the best traits of both parents. This breed makes for a perfect guard dog that isn’t overly aggressive when called upon. They are also perfect for adults or families that want to spend a lot of time bonding with their pet. It’s not surprising to hear that the Golden Shepherd is the perfect companion.

Labbe (Beagle And Labrador)

The Beagle and Labrador certainly create an interesting offspring in the form of the Labbe. Also known as the Labeagle or Beagador, these guys have quickly become a popular choice for family pets. They aren’t too big, so they work well with children and can make for good watchdogs, as most of them inherit the bark of a Beagle. The short coat of a Labbe can come in a variety of colors, and if you can forgive a little bit of unnecessary digging, they make for a great family pet.

Rat-Chi (Rat Terrier And Chihuahua)

Surprise, surprise, the cross between a rat terrier and chihuahua is a small, energetic, and downright feisty dog. Without enough socialization early on, the Rat-Chi can become a little aggressive, which isn’t always great with so much energy to burn. However, they will be affectionate and playful with their family, usually picking out a favorite person to whom they always remain loyal. If you can handle a little frisk and some occasional barking, the Rat-Chi is a nice crossbreed to keep as a pet.

Shichi (Shih Tzu And Chihuahua)

Is this not the most adorable dog you’ve ever seen? The Shichi has the face and hair of a Shih Tzu mixed with the size and playfulness of a chihuahua. They are active and fun to be around. Plus, their small size makes them easy to take along when you travel. However, don’t let the playfulness of the Shichi fool you, they can be dainty and delicate, so don’t be too rough with them and make sure smaller kids always play nice.

Shollie (German Shepherd And Border Collie)

A mix between a Border Collie and a German Shepherd is the tall and proud Shollie. This crossbreed has inherited some of the best traits from both the Border Collie and German Shepherd. They are highly intelligent and quite protective of their owners while also preferring to ignore strangers. The Shollie comes with good size and strength but is also incredibly playful. They love to have fun outside and go on adventures, so if you enjoy an active lifestyle, this could be the perfect pet.

Weimador (Weimaraner And Labrador Retriever)

Crossing a Labrador Retriever and Weimaraner gives you the Weimador, which is also known as the Labmaraner. Much like the Labrador Retriever, these dogs are friendly and affectionate. At the same time, they are smart animals with the instincts of a hunter. If you want a dog that’s excited to join you on hunting, hiking, and jogging expeditions, this may be the perfect crossbreed. While not always ideal for young kids, the Weimador is best with teens and adults in need of a companion.

Goberian (Siberian Husky And Golden Retriever)

To be fair, the name Goberian leaves a lot to be desired, but combining the traits of a Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky makes for one outstanding dog. Just by looking at this cross breed, you can tell that it’s a perfect mix of these two enviable dog breeds. These guys are typically friendly and gentle and don’t mind being alone. That being said, they will certainly bond with their owner if you put in the time, making them a perfect companion for a homebody.

Morkie (Maltese And Yorkshire Terrier)

The Morkie or Morkshire Terrier is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier. As you might expect, this crossbreed is small but fearless with a little bit of a stubborn streak. For those reasons, it’s best for the Morkie to be the only pet in a household, especially if we’re talking about bigger pets. They are also best with teens and adults who know how to handle these small and feisty animals with care. They may put up a tough front, but they are still small and delicate.

Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier And Poodle)

Just in case the name alone wasn’t cute enough for you, just look at the face of this Whoodle, which combines the traits of a Poodle and a Wheaten Terrier. The size of this cross breed can vary just as much as the size of Poodles, so some are miniature while others are medium-sized for a dog. More importantly, Whoodles love having someone around to play with, so they are great with children who will shower them with attention. Their coats are also hypoallergenic, making this crossbreed compatible with anyone looking for a fun, lively pet.

Docker (Dachshund And Cocker Spaniel)

A Docker mixes together a Cocker Spaniel and a Dachshund. Some of these dogs can be a little on the small side if they take more from the Dachshund, but most of them are medium-sized dogs that simply have a thin, wiry frame. When trained properly, they can be a friendly, loyal, and even useful pet that will always follow commands. The Docker crossbreed can be found in a variety of colors, but they always make for a fine family pet.

Saint Berdoodle (Saint Bernard And Poodle)

With a name as adorable as their face, the Saint Berdoodle is a combination of the Saint Bernard and Poodle. When it comes to size, the Saint Bernard genes definitely overpower the Poodle because these are big dogs that will tower over small children. However, they are usually gentle giants that are quite sociable with both people and other animals. The only caveat is they don’t like being left on their own for long periods of time, so owners need to give them plenty of attention or make sure they have playmates.

Dalcorgi (Corgi And Dalmatian)

Is this not the most amazing dog you’ve ever seen? The Dalcorgi gives you the size and shape of a Corgi but with the classic spotted pattern of a Dalmatian. It’s essentially like having a Dalmatian puppy that never grows up. That’s the dream, right? These guys can live up to 15 years, and with the right kind of training, can become sociable and family-friendly animals that will make for the perfect pet as long as they get enough attention and exercise.

Golden Rottie (Golden Retriever And Rottweiler)

Mixing a Rottweiler and Golden Retriever may not sound like the most natural combination, but it produces a great animal, even if the name Golden Rottie doesn’t make it seem that appealing. The Golden Rottie has the color and coat of a Rottweiler but the body of a Golden Retriever. The negative traits of both breeds are both minimized with this crossbreed, which is energetic but willing to do whatever it takes to please and show loyalty to its owner. As long as they are trained from an early age, the Golden Rottie is the perfect family pet.

Double Doodle (Golden Doodle And Labradoodle)

With a name like Double Doodle, how can you not instantly fall in love with a cross between a Labradoodle and a Golden Doodle? If this dog looks like it’s super cuddly and friendly it’s because those words perfectly define a Double Doodle. They are friendly and happy dogs that are also incredibly smart. Double Doodles will get along famously with both kids and any other pets in the house. The best part is that they won’t shed too much, so even people with allergies can get close to this dog and fall in love.

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