Couple Sees Tiny Animal Stranded On The Highway, But what Was That?

You might have seen it a lot on the news – people claim they’ve seen something exotic as they drove by a highway.

You never know! Not long ago, Danielle Finley and her boyfriend were in the same dilemma.

What was that animal they saw on that dirt road? Was it a raccoon? They had no idea, but it sprinted towards their car.

So they had to stop!

23. What Is That?

Taking a better look at the animal and thinking their eyes were playing tricks on them, they realize it wasn’t an exotic animal at all…

22. Is That a Hyena?

Danielle Finley and her boyfriend were in the car, driving in Pennsylvania, on a dirt road. Out of nowhere, some kind of animal jumped in front of their car. They had enough time to slow and stop, but what was that animal? Finley first thought it was a hyena or a chupacabra!

21. A Closer Look

But when the woman looked again at that creature, she immediately understood what it was. She told her boyfriend to stop the car and then jumped out. Then, the tiny little animal started running towards her…

You won’t believe what happens soon after figuring out what the animal was!

20. It Was a Dog

It might have missed a lot of fur, and his appearance was far from the one of a dog, but this animal was indeed a pooch. As they cruised past the pooch, Finley realized she was actually looking at a dog: “We were thinking he was just going to duck out of the way in a minute.” But he didn’t…

19. Pleased to See Them

Finley said that the dog didn’t duck, so they stopped the car “and he came running around and looked up into the car.” It was a Cairn terrier who was more than happy to see a friendly face. He started jumping around her with so much happiness, that the couple knew they had to take him with them.But they had two of their dogs in the car

18. Was It Contagious?

The poor terrier was clearly suffering from a skin condition that could have been contagious. Would it spread to their two dogs if they would come in contact? Finley had no idea, but in the end, her boyfriend decided to call the pooch Phil, and they gave him some water and food.

17. A Grateful Pooch

Phil cleaned the bowls and was happy to have some company. Would the couple just leave him there with some more food and water? They couldn’t do that, so they ignored the threat of contacting the skin disease and took the pup home. Until the next day when the vet office was open, they were both anxious, thinking that Phil had contagious mange…

16. We’re Safe!

Fortunately – for the family and her two other pooches, Phil didn’t have mange. Finley explained that he had a “really severe skin condition from being out in the elements,” losing all of his hair, which made him itchy and stinky.Then, the vet told them this awful news!

15. He Was Abandoned

The vet was certain that this dog once had a home. Nobody reported him missing, and Finley said that the vet’s theory was that he was kept “in a crate for a little while, and eventually dumped him because his health issues got out of control.

14. Finding Phil a Home

Finley said that “it would be hard to find him a home,” so they decided to adopt Phil because they love animals and they have “three others, so why not add one more?”

Seeing these kind people is so heartwarming, knowing that they step up to take responsibility for other’s cruel actions! Phil’s life was about to change completely – check him out in the following photos!

13. A Special Diet

Phil had to eat special food so that his fur would start growing back. A few weeks after getting to his forever home, Finley said that he started “getting peach fuzz everywhere,” and that they saw a lot more hair than when they rescued him from that dirt road.

Talking about dirt road, guess what the couple calls Phil on Instagram?

12. Missing Fur

The couple knows that Phil will always have missing fur, but they think this is what makes him look a little funny. Plus, a lot of people think that he is actually a hairless dog breed: “We’ve heard that he looks like a hyena, like the hyenas you see in ‘The Lion King.’ Or a chupacabra…” He might be looking like a hyena but…

11. A Happy Pup

But what his owners see when they look at him is tremendous gratitude and happiness. And they couldn’t be luckier, because this dog is a cuddle bug! Finley said that he loves to chill with them all the time and “he’s got this look in his eye like he’s grateful all of the time.”

10. Amazing Life

Finley said that when she looks in his eyes, he has a face “like he can’t believe that he’s got a comfy place to lie every day.” And this pooch is not only happy to stay with his humans, but he’s totally in love with his furry siblings!Meet Lily, Phil’s best friend…

9. Lily, The Best Friend

Phil loves all of his three siblings, but he has a special bond with the old Boston terrier named Lily. Finley said that wherever you look for them, “you can almost always find them squeezed up together.”

After a few more weeks of healthy eating, this amazing thing happens…

8. Phil Is Growing Some Mane!

His situation got a lot better in the next months, and Finley even had the idea to get him to the groomer, knowing that the person would “probably look at us like we’re crazy people.” They wanted to know how long his hair is getting because it started sprouting so fast!

7. A Furry Pup

After being taken care of, Phil’s fur started to grow a lot better, which was great news. This pup knows that he’s lucky, but Finley said that they’re the lucky ones because they have an awesome dog:“He’s the sweetest dog. And we feel so lucky to have him.”

6. Famous Pooch

Soon after that, Phil became an internet sensation and we totally understand why. How do you think that happened? Everyone is in love with this adorable pup, check out the next photos – we’re dying over here!

5. Instagram Pooch

You can imagine that if this dog is sweet and awesome, he has to have an Instagram account. And he has one! If you’re looking for more photos and updates, check for “dirtroad_phil” – and look closely to his account’s description! Here’s what it says…

4. I’m Phil

His bio writes: “I’m Phil, I was an abandoned cairn terrier until my humans rescued me off a dirt road in upstate PA.” Get it? Dirtroad_phil, because he was found on a dirt road.

Look at these guys cuddling for a photo session – it’s too adorable!

3. Puppy Mills

Rural Pennsylvania is known for being one of the areas where there are the worst puppy mills. Perhaps Phil was a victim from a local puppy mill, and he was abandoned either because of his condition or because of age, or he probably escaped.

But we’re so grateful Phil got lucky after meeting Finley and her boyfriend. What are they doing now you’re wondering?

2. The Tiem Of Their Lives

Phil has been through a lot, from living in a puppy mill to being abandoned. But now he has a loving family to look after him and we can totally see from his face that he’s happy and having the time of his life.

1. A Happy Family

It’s tough taking care of so many dogs, but looking at their happy faces and wagging tails makes you realize that your life is great! This family is so happy around their loving cuddle bugs, and Phil is living the life!

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