Confused Animal Asks Couple For Help By Staring Through Their Window

A family was hanging out together in their home in Alsager, England, on Saturday when they happened to glance into their backyard — and found the strangest animal staring back at them.

While the animal appeared to be a fox, he was silver and black instead of orange, and the family was completely bewildered by the unusual visitor.

The fox hung around their backyard for the entire day, and, not knowing what they should do, the family decided to make a post on Facebook to see if anyone around them could help.

As we know the beginning of autumn would be memorable, and especially for a family in Alsager, England.

One day, and exactly on Saturday a family decided to go out in their backyard to have some fun with the children.

And all of sudden a strange animal show up, he was right on the pavement, looking at them when they opened the door.

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Is It A Fox?

It was obvious that the strange animal was really scared, just like the father and his child.

They were really surprised to see him in front of them. Was the weird animal going to hit them or be aggressive towards them?

However, You won’t expect what Occur the moment it begins to step towards them!

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Silver And Black

David Scott is a 45 years old man, was playing with his kid in their garden. While surprisingly amazed by a weird creature, it seems just like a fox, but with an unusual color, it was silver and black instead of orange.

the question is, was it a real fox?

Moreover, This animal was looking quite massive to be actually a fox…

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Posting It On Facebook 

Do you certainly wonder what did the family act concerning their unexpected guest?   

The family thought that the animal would probably go. so, they decided to step inside their house and wait for him to leave.

while they were staring through the window they discovered that they couldn’t simply let him go.

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Let People Know

The family started to wonder about the reason that leads The black fox stood there, and simply looking at them.

Just after a few seconds, they decided to publish a post on Facebook, because they were thinking that the poor creature would be probably in serious danger.

So, keep reading to find out what the mother of the baby and Mr.Scott’s partner, Anna McArdle explained, it is really so strange!

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Mistaken For A Dog

Anna said that “He had stepped out with the baby to had some fun, and after a while, I heard him yelling that there’s a wild animal, he was really scared by it. ”

Anna and just after she heard that she immediately rushed to see what’s exactly happening.

So, when she saw it under the table, she thought that it was a dog. Then after she saw his tail she realized that she was so wrong.

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The Bushy Tail

Ms.McArdle later said that when the animal  stood up, she clearly sighted  “ that animal has really a bushy tail and I just believed that it would be certainly a fox, even that I never know tethered black foxes.”

With the published post on Facebook, it was actually easy for Amanda Lovett who is a former RSPCA inspector to get in touch with the family, in order to give them some help.

If you want to know how the animal reacts when the help comes, then check out the following part of the story.

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Rescuers Incoming

The whole family was so confused, they didn’t know how to react, the animal seemed that it wouldn’t leave the garden. The only thing they could do was calling experts.

Well, they made a post on Facebook, and Amanda Lovett immediately responded, and contacted them.

She actually said that when she arrived in the garden, she noticed that the animal was just looking like if he wanted to step inside the house.

So, Did they managed to catch him?

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Catching The Fox

You have to know that Catching a fox is not a Cushy thing, foxes are known to be so speedy, also they can hide fastly.

Amanda knew that dealing with that animal wouldn’t be easy, she couldn’t know how he would react if she approached him, maybe he was hurt.

However, he was a wild animal and she had to make sure avoiding any possible danger.

The fox was still standing in the same place, and yet staring at them, so they come up with an idea, they actually decided to act like this…

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The Rescue Mission

It wasn’t the first rescue mission for Amanda, she had experienced many and many rescuing animals attempts. so she created a wonderful plan.

So, the plan was that she wanted to get him inside a building, she Deceived him into racing to the utility room: “we tricked him to get inside the utility room, so we can be able to relax him and comfortably place him in a cat box.” you won’t believe what happened after, it is really Inconceivable!

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Spooky Fireworks!

Amanda was completely ready to rescue the poor animal, She had a grasper and a cat box with her so that she could get the fox to a safe place.

The rescuer knew that it was very important for the task to be totally Effective with no small mistake, because Saturday was “one of the biggest nights for fireworks, and that why we were very determined to get the fox to a place where he could be far from any danger.” so, what’s next?

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He Seemed Tame

After she managed to grasp the fox, she took him to the Wildlife Center Stapeley Grange that even stayed open later so they can examine the fox.

Later, in a press release, Lovett actually explained that the cute fox was so calm and relaxed and he also looked tame. They even decided to give him a new name!

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Shadow, The Fox

The workers at the wildlife center really loved that animal, they decided to provide him with a name, so they started calling him Shadow.

they also declared that this male was actually a silver fox, who are mostly bred for their coat.

Shadow seemed so calm and happy around people, well, the team believed that this fox was possibly bred as a pet, so there were two options either he is lost, ran away, or was dumped by his family.

It is really sad and heartbreaking to see such a beautiful creature like shadow abandoned. Check out, to find more about this story.

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Was He A Pet?

All the workers at the RSPCA were determined to do their best to discover the exact place where shadow actually came from.

Unfortunately what made their process quite though was the fact that shadow wasn’t microchipped

It is well-known that wild foxes wouldn’t be so relaxed next humans, that’s what leads the team to realized immediately that there was something wrong.

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Did He Escape?

The ruler of the Stapeley Grange, whose name Lee Stewart, actually explained that: “It is possible that the poor Shadow has been bred as a pet and he has either run away, so if it is true we have to find his own family, or maybe he has been abandoned by his owners.” and the story didn’t end up just here!!

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A Chubby Silver Fox

The manager, Stewart also said that shadow was examined by their group of vets, and luckily they didn’t find any health issues, the fox was in a good shape, except the lack of weight.

So, it was very obvious that this beautiful creature was living a good, relaxing life until he got lost or sadly dumped.

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Haven’t Seen A Silver Fox In 25 Years

Stewart informed that the fox is eating fine, and he looked really in a wonderful condition.

The manager added in a press release that it was the first time when they actually welcomed a silver fox there at Stapeley Grange, for about more than 25 they have been open. So do you wonder why these kinds of foxes are so rare?

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A Rare Visitor

“shadow is really an amazing and beautiful animal and we are more than happy to welcome such a rare admission,” concluded the manager.

Everyone from the center was trying to do the best to let the unique and wonderful guest relieved, but what is the next step?

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Shadow’s Home

Shadow was examined by the vets, and luckily they found that he was Alright, then after just a few days, the workers finally managed to discover the place where the fox came from. So, the next step was finding shadow a comfort place to live in.

The best solution was to sent Shadow to live with an expert caretaker who he is aware of how to exactly deal with foxes.

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Silver Foxes And Red Foxes

Silver foxes are just like the kind of red foxes in the UK. They are different just in one thing which is the part of coloration.

Silver foxes are beautiful creatures, no one can handle their charming appearance, they mostly bred for their stunning fur.

and sometimes are kept as exotic pets. But, you may wonder why owning a fox as a pet is not a great option?

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A Special Diet

If you asked the experts, they will say that foxes eat rodents, rabbits, berries, and plants, and they probably require a massive place to wander in.

These kinds of animals blossom outdoors, they couldn’t simply live in small places, that’s why houses can’t fit them.

Without forgetting that they have really a strange smell that you can’t actually handle in your home! Especially when they get to be bigger.

However, An adult fox can weigh from 5 up to 7 kilograms – and our Shadow might probably weight over little than 7!

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One-Meter Long

Concerning the size, it can be as long as one meter. When you look to a fox You would notice that it’s just like a medium-sized dog, however a dog you can really handle, while a fox is probably a big deal.

So, that why RSPCA advises people to think wisely and do much research before deciding to get a fox home as a pet!

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It Can Be An Exotic Pet…

The experts explain to all people wanting to bring a wild animal as a pet that it will be necessary to do extra research about all the needs and desires of these kinds of creatures.

and be sure they will provide them a safe, relaxed and fitting place, and most importantly the good and healthy nutrition.

And, you have to know that these kinds of pets also require to be taken to special vets in case if they suffer from any disease, and these visits will costs you really much money!

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He Won’t Be Released Into The Wild

Ms.McArdle Unfortunately explained that the poor shadow who looked to love humans, will not be relaxed in the wild, simply because he is domesticated.

He is certain that shadow wouldn’t handle to live all alone in the wild he couldn’t make it. So, they have only two choices either they need to live in a sanctuary or to be looked after by an adult expert.

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Foxes Are Difficult Pets

“It’s really sad and heartbreaking for a fox-like that to be domesticated,” concluded Ms.McArdle. So, the RSPCA does not suggest for people to Retain foxes as pets despite their cute appearance.

They added that even specialists who have several experiences with foxes, sometimes they find it really hard to deal with them especially the adults ones.

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Not For Everyone

People who want to adopt foxes are definitely not completely aware by the results of that decision, and what it takes to deal with these kinds of creatures.

Well, the best solution is to adopt a dog or cat in case if you are planning to bring an addition to your home.

Animals generally are beautiful creatures who deserve to be loved and perfectly cared by. So all that matters is that we won’t put them in any risk or hurt them Unwillingly.

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