7 mental stimulation games to keep your pup sharp

There is nothing beautiful than walking to you after a long, busy day finding your furry friend waiting happily for you.

That much of love you see from your pup is worthless, that’s you want to do every possible thing it can make him happy and satisfied.

So, you try as much as you can to let him properly fed and exercised, giving him all your attention and affection. However, sometimes we forget a really important thing, our dogs also need mental stimulation as well.

So, luckily we have seven mental stimulation games that will help your dog in some brain training.

Forgetting about mental stimulation will absolutely push your dog to feel bored, and you know exactly what a bored dog can do, he could turn to be extremely destructive, sad, depressed or anxious.

And that’s not really what you want, all you desire is to let your dog happy and totally healthy. The best way to fight your dog’s Boredom or any mental issue is definitely practicing some Brain training and mental stimulation games or workouts.

These things are efficient and more effective than taking in constant walks. Our article will help you to know different workout ideas to boost and progress your dog’s mental stimulation. so, let’s find out.

1: Spin the bottle


This game is really simple, what need is just an empty plastic bottle and string. Well, to begin the preparation of this game, prepare the materials by piercing two holes on the opposite of the plastic bottle. Then, hang the Punnet by threading the string inside the pierced holes.

What you have to do next is to bind the last of the strings to a door handles, a chair, or any constant surface or Podium, but you should beware of the Height of the bottle, it’s so necessary to be comfortable for your baby dog.

After ending this step, then you have to put a small number of pieces of kibble through the bottle, so as to motivate your pooch to spin the bottle in order to take out the kibble from it. In case if you didn’t find a perfect suspended Dais to Bind the last of the string, you can possibly put the bottle on the ground.

2: The Adventure Box


This is really an interesting game, the adventure box game is also simple to prepare, you need just a big box, a large box, dog safe Vessels, and a newspaper. Well, the way of playing this game is also simple, you need to Stow kibbles or any treats on different boxed or vessels, then allow your pup to work for it. Moreover, You can place crumpled papers on the last boxes, so as to allow your furry friend Drilling for the treasure.

3: The Muffin Tin


To play this game you will need six tennis balls and a muffin tin. So to start playing, you have to make extra interaction, so, you need to begin with putting any treats on each muffin cups and then cover it with a tennis ball.

The aim of this amazing game is simply allowing your dog to guess and find the exact place where the treats are hidden. So, if he managed to pick it up, he will absolutely get the food. Keep in mind that your dog will need an extra time to practice about the right way to play this game, once he grasps the method, we are sure that he will enjoy playing it, it will be a great Excitation for him.

4: Find it


This one is the simplest game that can motivate your dog’s brain ever, it’s called “find it”. As we mentioned it so easy, what you need in this one is just a few yummy treats, that’s enough. So, to start the game you need to Throw or hide any pieces of jerky or any treats all-around your house, gardens, or any corner Through your Everyday walks. By this process, you will definitely let your pup to training his Innate sense of scavenging treats and sniffing Capability as well.

5: Pull the bowl


To play this game you need to get a Stripe, long box, and a bowl. The way of preparation is so simple, you need just to bind the string or stipe to the bowl by binding it up around the bowl or taping it. However, you have to be sure it is well-secured.

Then, put the treats inside the bowl and set it in a long box by using a string, but you need to let your dog able to see it easily. Then, Motivate him to Drag the string or stripe. What we aim to form this amazing game is simply letting the dog work out for his food and at the same time progressing his mental motivation.

6: Treat dispenser


All you will need in this game is a milk carton or a toilet roll holder that is available in your house. Let’s agree that all dog’s favorite hobby is chewing, Giving your dog or anything to chew is always great and exciting. But, be beware because there is always a possibility that your dog will eat the containers. so, you better keep your eye on.

7: The towel treat game


To play this game, you need only a yummy treat and a towel. So, what you need to do is grab the towel then put the treats along the middle of the towel and twist it out. The main objective of practicing this game is to allow your pup to unroll the towel by using his nose or anything he can use to get drag the tasty treats.


There are countless methods to improve and progress your furry friend ‘s mental and physical health as well. So, using toys treats, or making any challenges will be an excellent way to make that happen. You need to know that mental motivation games for dogs are really necessary as physical activities. Just follow these tips we gave you above, we are sure that it will keep your dog’s brain energetic, lively, and always busy. You will see then a happy, comfortable, active dog.