3 Easy steps to stop your dog pulling on the leash


There is nothing more amazing than being a dog owner, a dog can be a beautiful addition to your life, between many activities you can do with your furry friend, Walking your dog can be one of the most relaxing ones.

However, sometimes it can be one of the stressful tasks. That only relies on the way your pup walk on the leash. Going out for a walk to the park is probably one of the favorite activities that dogs prefer, that’s means so much of sniffing and playing,

sometimes dogs can forget about their owners on the other end of their leash. And sometimes they even forget to breathe because of the way they drag themselves so hard.

Teach Your Dog To Stop Pulling On The Leash

You may think that teaching your dog how to walk on a loose leash is kind of Deceitful and quite traditional processes, but trust me it works, and it’s actually an easy way Luckily, we are going to show three-step you will need in teaching your dog the right way to stop dragging on the leash.

Step 1 – Stop When Your Dog Starts Pulling

The first step you should begin with is really simple. Well, whenever your dog starts to drag on the leash, then just stop! Just stand right in your place, and don’t make a move. Your pup needs to realize why you decide to stop, he needs to know what you want from him.

Remember while doing this the Consistency is key, otherwise, your dog will keep dragging.

Step 2 – Wait Until Your Dog Looks At You

After following the first step, your dog will probably observe that you are not moving. He will attempt to darg over times and you won’t budge. So, your dog will start to think of something to do to make you moving, but how he can do this?

He will absolutely stop and turn around. Some dogs are overly Opinionated, and your dog can be one of them. If he is, This will take him a long time to give up. so the best thing you can do in this case is to attract your dog’s attention, once he turns around and looks at you, drop some yummy training treats on the ground and get away from him.


Step 3 – Turn The Other Way Around

In that moment, and after you manage to win your dog’s attention, you need to turn around and face the direction you have just come from then motivate your pup to comes to you by throwing some treats Backwards to him so as to Gather the way to you.

After he eats his praises, then this will be the perfect moment to walk, but we have to prepare you for any possible scenario. Your dog may start pulling on the leash again as soon as he picks all the treats.

If he does this then you need to return to step 1, you should show him your Persistence and what you really want him to do. Soon Enough, your furry friend will figure out what he has to do to keep walking, and once he finally gets to understand, you will be able to walk him comfortably on a loose leash.

Furthermore, you have to pick the right time to do this exercise, when your dog is calm, do not start training while your dog is busy doing something else, he needs to be focus with you, moreover you need to give you dog all your attention and your time, just with patience and some consistency, your pup will never Repeat his past behavior.


After your dog manages to take long walks on the leash then you can let the things be more exciting. So, how about mixing the whole thing? Well, try walking him across past several attractive distractions then see how he can react. For instance, dogs he loves or zones with attractive smells. Soon after, he will realize that there are moments of having some fun and moments that he need to be really Concentrated. So, just after your dog gets to do this effectively, shower him by praises! With time, persistence, patience you will enjoy your time walking your furry friend and have great moments together