11 signs you should take your pup to the vet


We all agree that dogs are a beautiful addition to every dog owner’s life. Dogs are great companions, moreover, they are so funny.

While it is a wonderful thing to have a pup. Taking care of him is a serious task and it takes a big responsibility as well.

If you are a dog owner, you will probably know that a small puppy needs to have a vet visit each year. And dogs older than 8 to 10 should have tow vet visits annual.

However, it’s better to take him for extra visits in case if you notice any possible change in your furry friend.

In case if you Recognize any of the next symptoms in your dog’s attitude, just relax, and don’t worry. Despite that, a vet visit is a wise Caution. Some of these diseases are completely easy to handle.

So, we actually spoke with Dr. Ann Hohenhaus who work in the animal medical center of NY. And she explained several situations that it needs a vet check out.

And she informed the dogs’ owners to keep their eyes on their dogs and any noticeable change can take into consideration.

Weight Loss or Gain

If you notice that your dog is losing his weight or gain an extra weight of his normal size, then that’s really a problem. However, some of you may not notice this change in his pet’s shape.

That’s why Dr. Ann motivates any dog owner to take his dog at least once a while to the nearest vet’s office and simply ask for the scale, as she said every vet will be happy to do this favor.

Indeed, Dr. Ann explained that Weight loss is more popular to be a sign of illness than weight gain, she also added that weight gain is something quite uncommon. It can probably stem from Detained fluid, an under-active thyroid, a Puffed abdomen, or an adrenal gland Ailments.

Drop-in Activity

Your dog is less active than before? Is he decreases his usual activities? So, if you notice anything like this. So, your dog is absolutely anemic, has joint pain, heart issues, arthritis, or he simply feels Feeble and low-energy.

D.r Hohenhaus says: “Almost any disease has Reduce activity Related with it — it’s a general finding, but a necessary one”

Scratching, Licking, or Chewing

In case if you notice any of these three signs on your dog. Well, it means that he is itchy for a reason. Dr. Hohenhaus said that Allergies considered as the main reason for vet visits, as several insurance companies reported.

Indeed, there is allergy medicine for pups, moreover, sometimes some prescribed allergy medicines made also for humans. There are even allergy shots Obtainable.

Bad Smell

We recommend you in case if you smell an unusual Scent even if your dog is totally cleaned, that’s absolutely mean that your dog needs an examination.

So, in this situation, Dr. Ann tells you to take a closer and immediate look at your dog’s ears, skin, anal glands, mouth, and teeth. But, it will be better if you take it to an expert. So as to take a look at the exact place where it comes from, and it can be possibly an infection.

Vomit and Diarrhea

Every dog owner is aware that dogs may sometimes vomit and throw up all that they eat, Dr. Ann explained that there is nothing to worry about if it happened just once in a while.

But, if you notice that your pup is throwing up Sequently, and especially if it joined with diarrhea. then, your dog is in serious trouble.

Your dog will probably be examined by intestinal parasites, and maybe, but it’s quite rare your dog ate something from trash, something that Glued in his stomach or his intestine. So, the vet will handle this in an urgent way.

Drinking More Water Than Usual

This is really a serious situation that you should take into consideration. Once you see that your dog drinks water in an extreme form more than the regular times, or seeing him stepping inside the toilet to get more water.

then be sure that there is something wrong happened with your furry friend.

So, if notice any of these situations, it is absolutely a sign of diabetes, a kidney issue, or an adrenal gland problem.

well, you should not ignore this, you need to take your pup immediately to the nearest vet.

Cough and Sneeze

Just like humans, dogs coughing or sneezing could be a sign of respiratory infection (a.k.a., a cold), kennel cough, or pneumonia.

So, you need just to get your dog to his vet so as to check out, and help to alleviate these symptoms.


Well, it seems that it’s such a serious issue when you see your dog bleeding! Indeed, Dr. Ann has explained this clearly: “ dog bleeding is really a big deal, it can be a sign of serious trouble. But there is one case that might be normal just for females dog and it caused by the heat who might drip a few amounts of blood from their vulva. However, if your dog is spayed, we assume that there shouldn’t be blood coming from anywhere.”

Moreover, Dogs can get nose bleeds, a cut in their foot, or blood in their urine. So, If there’s a bad cut, a vet might do a couple of stitches.

while, if there is blood in the pup’s stool, then it’s better to examine the Faeces and check for parasites.

In addition, if your dog bleeds from his mouth, then it is probably a dental issue. So, Your vet will help you recognize the exact place where this trouble comes from.

Unexpected Accidents

You have to know that dogs are just like us, they also face several health issues. Signs like changes to bowel movements, blood in urine, or accidents in the house could lead to similar things just like it could happen to us. Bladder stones or a U.T.I, and our requirements to be treated. They are Actually Inconvenient for dogs as well!


This sign is not really a thing that means always that your dog is in trouble, limping can sometimes a sign of bone cancer.

Once you notice this, and to be totally Reassured about your dog’s health. it’s will be better if you take him to his vet for a quick examination.

But, even if it traces back to a twisted ankle, a veterinarian’s treat can absolutely help. Moreover, you have to know also that Limping could be a sign of a ruptured ligament or arthritis.

Lump, Swelling, or Growth

In case if you observe A lump in any part of your dog’s body, it could be in the mouth, back, feet, or toes.

That’s means there’s something wrong in your furry friend and he definitely needs to be checked out by the vet.

Well, the vet will do an easy, simple method, a fine needle Exudation as Dr. Ann mentioned once that they do 100 times daily so as to find a fast answer in order to bump might be.

Sometimes some of them are completely benign, however, we advise you to take your dog to the vet no matter what.