10 Best Toys To Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

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Getting the best toys to keep dogs busy is crucial. Our dogs are particularly energetic, plus they get easily bored and bored dogs with accumulated energy means trouble

We often leave them home alone and, even if we’re home, we can’t give them our full attention at all times.

Over the years we tried as many toys as we possibly could to see which work the best for them. Now we’re sharing our research with you.

Best Toys To Keep Dogs Busy

Here you’ll find our personal best toys to keep dogs busy. It covers all types of toys, from chew toys to treat dispensers and puzzle toys, to cover every necessity.

Do you agree with our top? Is there any toy you think we’re missing? If so, let us know!

1. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone

The chew toy to keep your dog busy for hours

If your dog is a chewer and if he tends to destroy his toys easily, this is one of the best chew toys to keep him busy for a long time.

It has an interesting shape and it is made of real flavors like bacon, peanut butter and chicken.

The truth is nothing entertains our dogs quite as much like a chewing toy and this one is got their immediate attention.

Even if you have an aggressive chewer at home, this is a very resistant chewing toy, just make sure to throw it in the trash once it gets too small to prevent swallowing.

This toy will surely keep your dog entertained for hours and hours.


  • Very tough material
  • Strong flavored
  • Good for dental hygiene
  • Helps curb destructive chewing


  • Sharp edges can hurt your dog’s mouth

2. Kong Wobbler Interactive Dog Toy

A tasty challenge

This is a fun alternative to the KONG Classic. To keep your dog busy, you’ll still fill it with treats or food, but the Wobbler will stand and wobble instead of just staying put while your dog chews away.

This means it is more challenging than most classic interactive dog toys.

Your dog can still carry it around, but he will probably prefer to play with it while it wobbles.

Also, it’s a large toy, so you can get more stuff in there, hence, increasing the entertainment time for your dog.

For help with dog boredom and keep your dog happily chewing away while he’s home alone, a Wobbler is a great option.

Some products can even let you play with your dog while at work, and even feed him treats!


  • Very resistant and durable
  • Keeps dogs interested for longer
  • Helps to eat slower
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t dispense treats too easily
  • Won’t roll under the furniture


  • The dog won’t play with it if empty
  • The hole is not adjustable

3. Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Toy

Fun and mentally stimulating

When filled with tasty treats, is keeps dogs pawing and nuzzling at it until the last bit is eaten.

You have three degrees of difficulty to choose from, we used the Intermediate and the Advanced and we could really tell the difference in terms of the time it took for them to get how it works.

It is a very entertaining dog toy meant to keep your dog mentally stimulated and busy (and fed, of course) while he’s on his own, great to stave off boredom.

You’ll just have to decide for yourself if it is a good fit for your dog, we don’t recommend leaving aggressive chewers with it without supervision.


  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Keeps dogs busy and challenged
  • Makes feeding fun and interactive
  • Easy to clean


  • The dog might swallow some pieces

4. Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Plush Squeaking Toy

3 toys in 1

This dog toy puzzle is meant to keep your dog entertained for hours. It can be used as a plush, as a puzzle and for an interactive game of hide and seek.

He’ll have hours of fun finding the hidden squirrels and playing with each one.

For us this is one of the best toys for dogs.

Again, it is a toy that we don’t recommend for aggressive chewers, particularly if you mean to leave your dog alone with it. He will most likely chew the poor squirrels and might swallow some fluffy bits.

But if your dog plays nicely and loves cuddly plush animals that keep him on his toes, entertained and mentally stimulated, this is a great toy for him.


  • Resistant for a plush toy
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Fun to play with
  • Easy to carry around


  • The dog can swallow the stuffing
  • Not meant for hard chewing

5. Nylabone DuraChew Ring

For your dog to chew away the boredom

Chewing is a great way to keep a dog busy. Just make sure you chose durable toys that can be destroyed without being a safety hazard for your dog.

Nylabone is a great option for heavy chewers.

It’s one of the best chewing toys for dogs, it keeps them entertained for hours, while we’re at work or if we just can’t give them the attention they require.

It is a great toy that he can chew and play with it (particularly if there is a second dog to share the ring with).

It is guaranteed to stave off boredom while helping with their dental hygiene, fun and healthy at the same time.


  • Very tough and durable
  • It doesn’t disintegrate into pieces
  • Helps with dental hygiene
  • Easy to play with


  • Sharp edges can hurt your dog’s mouth

6. Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board

A puzzle for clever dogs

This dog puzzle is a great option for clever dogs who get easily bored.

As for keeping him entertained while you’re at work, you’ll have to decide if it’s a good fit for your dog, we do not recommend it for aggressive chewers, he will destroy the parts and might end up swallowing a piece or two.

But as far as entertainment goes, this is a great toy to keep your dog busy and mentally stimulated.

Even after he’s figured out how it works, you can still hide the treats under different parts each time to keep him guessing.


  • Relieves dog boredom
  • Easy to fill
  • More challenging than most dog puzzles
  • Provides mental stimulation


  • Not meant for chewing
  • Dog will lose interest if empty

7. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy

Fun and challenging

This is a colorful toy our dogs love!

The treats are divided into three different chambers and it’s up to your dog to wobble and roll it around until it’s empty.

It provides great physical and mental stimulation, a great idea to keep your dog entertained for hours.

One detail we found helps a lot is you can decide on the size of the treat exit, that way you decide the level of difficulty, which means the fun doesn’t end once he learns how to empty it the first time, you can just make it harder for him to do it next time.

Treat dispensers are boredom busters and make fun games for dogs to play!


  • Takes longer than most treat dispensers to empty
  • Fits a whole meal inside
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Adjustable holes for difficulty


  • Dog will lose interest if empty

8. Kong Classic

An all-time favorite, for good reason

Every pet owner knows what a KONG Classic is.

It is meant to keep your dog busy while you’re at work or even in those rainy days when long walks and outside play just aren’t options. It is also an excellent toy for bored puppies. 

It will be particularly successful in entertaining your bored dog if you get creative with the fillings, freeze it with fruit inside or just use peanut butter to attract your dog’s attention.

It will keep your dog entertained for as long as it takes him to lick the final little bit of taste out of it. There are a lot of recipes to fill the KONG that you can try.

It can also be useful in dealing with separation anxiety in dogs.

If your dog loves eating as much as he loves solving puzzles than this is the best dog toy for you!


  • Safe and very resistant
  • Helps to curb separation anxiety
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Keeps the dog distracted for hours
  • Easy to clean


  • The dog loses interest after he emptys the toy

9. West Paw Zogoflex Tux

Because aggressive chewers need toys too

Because aggressive chewers (like our Jack Russells) deserve chewing toys too and you deserve to have their toys last more than a few days, this dog toy is a good option.

It is durable and has a great, entertaining shape. It is also very hard to get the treats out, which means it will keep your dog entertained for a while.

It also has a great bounce to it, which means it will keep your dog moving and playing for longer.

You can freeze it or just fill it with treats, either way it is resistant and meant to keep your dog busy and entertained while you’re at work or on those rainy days when going for long walks just isn’t an option.


  • Very resistant
  • Chewable
  • Keeps your dog entertained for a long time
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Safe to leave unsupervised


  • It won’t take long to empty

10. IQ Treat Ball

Such a clever ball!

This dog toy is pretty much our dog’s greatest dream. It’s a ball, with loads of edges to chew away at (chewing toy) and you can fill it to the brim with a treat (treat dispenser).

Really, all it needs is to move on its own and our dogs would pass out of excitement!

It’s a fun interactive toy, very durable and colorful. We recommend it for energetic dogs but it probably won’t last very long if you have an aggressive chewer.

Due to its shape and feel alone, it will keep your dog interested even after the treats are gone, it’s just that entertaining!

For long hours away from home, this is a great option, it will keep your dog interested and entertained, as well as mentally and physically active for longer than most.


  • Particularly entertaining
  • Safe to chew on
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Great for alone time playing


  • Aggressive chewers may need supervision

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